Galactic Warrior

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Galactic Warrior
Micronauts character
Mego red Galactic Warrior toy on card
First appearance

Micronauts 1, January 1979 by Marvel Comics
Created by

Mego Corp.
Aliases Bug
Species Insectivorid
Gender Male
Occupation Thief and warrior


Galactic Warrior is a fictional character from the Micronauts series introduced in 1977. He is depicted as a heroic character.


Galactic Warrior was a character in the Micronauts series. The depiction of Galactic Warrior has varied vastly from one fictional setting to another.


Acroyear, Galactic Warrior, Space Glider and Time Traveler appeared in a 1976 Mego commercial together.[1]

Derryl DePriest said at SDCC 2016 that the Micronauts Classic Collection toys were created using a combination of the 1970's molds recovered by Takara and various Microman parts.[2]


Fictional biography

Master thief of the Insectivorid race! Feisty and fearless, he's a galactic warrior at home with any manner of weapon!


Marvel Comics

Bug in Micronauts 1 by Marvel Comics

In the Marvel Comics Micronauts series Galactic Warrior was more commonly known as Bug. Instead of using the gun that comes with the to he carries a rocket lance and occasionally uses a telepathically controlled glider pack.

Bug is a master thief from the Insectivorid homeworld Kaliklak based in the Microverse. Bug was a jokester and rogue by nature but always a professional when it came down to the job. He and Acroyear shared a unique friendship as the two were diametrical in personality. Bug's friendship with Acroyear may have been responsible for Acroyear's decision to question the sometimes overly cold warrior ethic that ruled his people.


  • Mego Micronauts Galactic Warrior (1976)
A remold and recolor of a Microman toy. The missile was remolded from a small pointed plastic missile into large rubber tipped design.
Available in red, blue and green. Came with chest piece, 2-pack gun and missile. Each version came with a different chest piece.
Micronauts Classic Collection toys
  • Hasbro Micronauts Classic Collection (2016)
A SDCC 2016 exclusive box set containing a green plastic Galactic Warrior, a grey Orbital Defender (formerly called the Galactic Defender) and blue Pharoid with two winglets and Time Chamber.
The Time Chamber featured the original Japanese writing.
Features art by Ken Kelly. The box art for Pharoid features him wearing the larger wings from the Palisades version of Pharoid which were not part of this set.
  • Several parts for Galactic Warrior exist on Shapeways.
Hands (2 Pairs)
Hands, New (Bug)
Head, New (Bug With Helmet)
Head, New (Bug Without Helmet)
Head, New (Cowboy Hat)
Helmet, New
Lance, New (3mm/3.8 inch)
Lance, New (4mm/3.8 inch)
Lance, New (4mm/4 inch)
Lance, New (4mm/5 inch)
Missile, New (Rocket Lance)
Stand (3 Pack)
Stand (6 Pack)
Stand (Galactic Golashes)
Stand (Warrior Wingtips)



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