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Mego Terraphant box
Launched 1979

The Micronauts Battle Cruiser is a fictional vehicle in the Micronauts series introduced in 1979.


Terraphant is an alien vehicle from the Micronauts series. Although a mechanical elephant, it has been desvribed as half bull, half bulldozer in advertising.


Ron Pringle's Micropola magazine also shows a very different orange and green prototype, which also contained the "glow-in-the-dark brain" feature used throughout the rest of the Aliens line.

Fictional biography

The Terrifying Mammoth From The Remote World Of Visceros. The new alien invasion vehicle - half angry bull, half bulldozer with rotating armored ear panels. Fires two missiles form its tusks and watch from its trunk.


1979 Marvel Comics

A Terraphant appeared in the Marvel Comics Micronaus series.

When Marvel lost the license to Micronauts it included losing the rights to Terraphant, and teh have not appeared again the Marvel Universe.

2018 Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space

Battle Cruisers appear in the 2018 art series Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space by Brian Vox. They appear on the cover of issue 15.


  • Mego Micronauts Terraphant (1979)



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