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Micronauts character
Acroyear toy on card
First appearance

Micronauts 1, January 1979 by Marvel Comics
Created by

Mego Corp.
Species Spartakian
Gender Male
Title King


Alternate mode


Acroyear is a fictional character in the Micronauts series. He is often depicted as a heroic character in fiction, but was introduced as a villain toy in 1976.


Acroyear is both the name of an individual and a race of beings in the Micronauts series. He is directly based on the Microman Acroyear II characters, also called the A31x Mad Acroyear.


Concept art for a new version of Acroyear was done by Dave Waugh as part pf Palisades wave 3, although the figure was never produced.[1]


1979 Marvel Comics

Micronaut 1 by Marvel Comics

Acroyear is a heroic character in the Marvel Comics Micronauts series, despite the toy line depicting the Acroyear forces as villains. Acroyear was portrayed as the King of an alien race, and took the name of his race for his own name.

Acroyear was captured by Baron Karza's forces and forced to battle as a slave gladiator. He became friends with Bug, and together they joined the Micronauts.

A vehicle resembling the Photon Sled was flown by Acroyear and Cicilia in issue 14.

When Marvel lost the license to Micronauts it included losing the rights to Acroyear, and he has not appeared officially again the Marvel Universe. Shortly after the Micronauts series was canceled Acroyear and other Micronauts characters make an unnamed cameo in New Mutants 50.[2]

A similar character name Sparktak, clearly based on Acroyear, would appear as a member of the Ant Men.[3]

2018 Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space

Acroyears are among the cast in the 2018 art series Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space by Brian Vox. They appear on the cover of issues 14, 16-18.


Freedom Force

There is a fan-made mesh and skin for Acroyear in the 2002 Freedom Force video game.[4]


  • Mego Micronauts Acroyear (1976)
Based on the Takara Microman Acroyear II figure.
Came in three color variants.
  • Airfix Micronauts Acroyear
  • Palisades Micronauts Acroyear (2002)
  • Hasbro Revolution (2017)
A box set of figures appearing in the Hasbro stories by IDW Publishing comics.
Includes tiny figurines of classic characters of Acroyear, Baron Karza and Biotron. There is an Antron called Xant, a female Space Glider named Phenelo-Phi, a Time Traveler named Quin-Tillus and new characters using the classic Micronauts names Oberon, Betatron and Gammatron.
  • Microtron inspired the Microborgs character Spartak Sovereign.



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