Cicilia (Micronauts)

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Marvel Comics character
Cicilia art
First appearance

Micronauts volume 1 number 9, September 1979 by Marvel Comics
Created by

Marvel Comics
Species Acroyear
Spouse(s) Acroyear
Children Unnamed son

  • Flight (with Glider Pack)
  • Ocygen independence (with helmet)

Acroyear, Micronauts

Cicilia is a fictional character from the Micronauts comic book series by Marvel Comics.

Marvel Comics

Cicilia is a character from Marvel Comics Micronauts series. She is not based on any toy, although she has some similaries to Acroyear.


1979 Marvel Comics

Cicilia was a reoccuring character in the Marvel Comics Micronauts series.

A vehicle resembling the Photon Sled was flown by Acroyear and Cicilia in issue 14.

In issue 20 Cicilia fought an army of mutated insects on Earth along with the Micronauts.

After Hasbro lost the license to the Micronauts Cicilia has not appeared again in the Marvel Universe, despite being a character that they created.


  • Cicilia inspired the Microborgs character Spartak Spouse.



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