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Micronauts character
Mego red Acroyear toy on card
First appearance

Micronauts volume 1 number 1, January 1979 by Marvel Comics
Created by

Japanese name

Mad Acroyear
Release number

Species Spartakian (Marvel Comics)
Occupation Warrior (Image Comics)
Title King (Marvel Comics)
Spouse(s) Cicilia
Relatives Shaitan (brother)

  • Flight
  • Oxygen independence
  • Shapeshifting
  • Universal translator

Micronauts (Marvel Comics, Image Comics, IDW Publishing)
Baron Karza (Protectors of Inner Space)
Alternate mode


"If I am to be swallowed, leviathan, indigestion shall be your fate!"

Acroyear (Mad Acroyear in Japan) is a fictional character in the Micronauts series. He is often depicted as a heroic character in fiction but was introduced as a villain toy in 1976.


Acroyear is both the name of an individual and a race of beings in the Micronauts series. He is directly based on the Microman A31x Mad Acroyear.

The instructions for Baron Karza mention the Baron teaming up with Acroyear against Biotron.


The name Acroyear was developed for the Takara Microman toy line as that series villain. It was based on the Japanese words "akudoi yarou" (vicious brute).

In 1975 Takara released Mad Blue Acroyear, Mad Green Acroyear, and Mad Pink Acroyear.

Acroyear was released by Mego in 1976. He was also released by Airfix.

In 2002 Palisades released Acroyear in several color variants. This version of the toy features a sword that replaced the knife from the original toy.

In 2003 Palisades released Battle Acroyear, colored as a direct not to the Marvel Comics Acroyear character.

Concept art for a new version of Acroyear was done by Dave Waugh as part of Palisades wave 3, although the figure was never produced.[1]

Concept art for a new version of Acroyear was done by Will Jones as part of Palisades wave 3, although the figure was never produced.[2]

Concept art for a new version of Acroyear was done by Mike Bazzell as part of Palisades wave 3, although the figure was never produced.[3]

In late 2004 Micronauts was licensed to SOTA Toys to make Micronauts. They planned to produce a line of stylized 6 inch figures under the name Micronauts Evolution. Art for an Acroyear figure was made, but because of legal issues with Takara the toys were delayed and never released.[4]

In 2017 Hasbro released a Revolution box set which included a small Acroyear figurine.

In 2018 several parts for Acroyear were released by Shapeways by Mathew Robert Ignash.

In November 2018 Galaxxor released a vinyl Glyos compatible figure called Raeyor-Ca/Mach Jetter, which was an homage to the red Micronauts Acroyear.

Fictional biography

Enemy of the Micronauts
This mechanical villain was one of the earliest and most popular of the Micronauts. His heavy die-cast body, brightly colored chrome and imposing fan-wings has made him a collector favorite for decades. The thoughts of this "Enemy of the Micronauts" are obscured behind his knight-like helmet, but his sword makes his threat to the Microverse sharply apparent!

Animated series

2005 Eagle One Media

Acroyear was featured in the 2005 Micronauts Revolution DVD digital comic by Eagle One Media which was based on the first 5 issues of the Image Comics Micronauts comic series.

Robot Chicken

Acroyear appeared in a segment of Robot Chicken where he opposed the Micronauts when they were climbing.

2019 Hasbro

In 2019 Hasbro teased an upcoming Micronauts animated series. Characters included Acroyear, Biotron, Oberon, Quin-Tillis the Time Traveler, Space Glider, Xant the Antron. The characters are a radical redesign of the originals.


1979 Marvel Comics

Micronauts volume 1 number 1 by Marvel Comics

The Marvel Comics Micronauts story features a race known as the Acroyear as well as a specific character named Acroyear who was their king. King Acroyear was vaguely based on the red Acroyear toy, with some modifications.

Although various members of the Acroyear race appeared in the series, a only group called the Acroyear Air Patrol were directly based on the Mego Acroyear toys. Acroyear's brother Shaitan was roughly based on the Acroyear II toy. Two Acroyear pilots were directly based on the figures that make up the arms of Giant Acroyear. The rest were original designs by Marvel Comics.

Acroyear was captured by Baron Karza's forces and forced to battle as a slave gladiator. He became friends with Bug, and together they joined the Micronauts.

When the Micronauts breached the space wall to escape Baron Karza they arrived on Earth, where they discovered they were about 6 inches tall compared to the native human population.

In Iron Man issue 131 a young boy was able to calm the Hulk down by offering to let him play with his Acroyear and Baron Karza action figures.

A vehicle resembling the Photon Sled was flown by Acroyear and Cicilia in issue 14.

When Marvel lost the license to Micronauts it included losing the rights to Acroyear, and he has not appeared officially again the Marvel Universe. Shortly after the Micronauts series was canceled Acroyear and other Micronauts characters make an unnamed cameo in New Mutants 50.[5]

A similar character named Sparktak, clearly based on Acroyear, would appear as a member of the Ant Men.[6]

2002 Image Comics

Acroyear appeared as one of the main cast of the Image Comics Micronauts series. Like the Marvel Comics character he was one of the heroes of the series, and based on the red version of the toy.

2016 IDW Publishing

An individual named Acroyear appears as a main character in the IDW Publishing Micronauts series. Again he is based on the red version of the toy and depicted as a heroic character.

In this series the Acroyear are the troops commanded by Baron Karza, appearing in various forms that are inspired by the Mego Acroyear, Acroyear II and Giant Acroyear toys.

In Micronauts First Strike issue 1 Acroyear, Biotron, Orbital Defender, Microtron and Space Glider fought the Dire Wraiths and traveled in the Astro Station while on Earth. They were then attacked by Rom who mistook them for Dire Wraiths.[7]

2018 Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space

Acroyears are among the cast in the 2018 art series Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space by Brian Vox. Unlike most appearances on Acroyear in fiction, these Acroyear are villains in the series. They appear on the cover of issues 14, 16-18.


Acroyear shared a 1977 commercial with Acroyear II, Andromeda, Baron Karza, Force Commander, Galactic Defender, Oberon, Pharoid and Space Glider.[8]


Freedom Force

There is a fan-made mesh and skin for Acroyear in the 2002 Freedom Force video game. The design is based on Acroyear in the Marvel Comics.[9]


  • Takara Microman A311 Mad Pink Acroyear (1975)
A 1:18 scale figure with 5mm peg and port construction.
  • Takara Microman A312 Mad Green Acroyear (1975)
  • Takara Microman A313 Mad Blue Acroyear (1975)
  • Mego Micronauts Acroyear (1976)
Based on the Takara Microman Mad Acroyear figure. A 1:18 scale figure. Comes with dagger and drone.
Came in three color variants: green, blue and red.
  • Airfix Micronauts Acroyear
A release of the toy in Europe by Airfix.
  • Palisades Micronauts Acroyear (2002)
Came in four color variants: gold, purple/gray, silver/black and red/black.
The dagger was replaced with a sword accessory.
  • Palisades Micronauts Battle Acroyear (2003)
A recolor of the Palisades Acroyear inspired by Acroyear in Marvel Comics.
  • Hasbro Revolution (2017)
A box set of figures appearing in the Hasbro stories by IDW Publishing comics.
Includes tiny figurines of classic characters of Acroyear, Baron Karza and Biotron. There is an Antron called Xant, a female Space Glider named Phenelo-Phi, a Time Traveler named Quin-Tillus and new characters using the classic Micronauts names Oberon, Betatron and Gammatron.
  • Galaxxor Raeyor-Ca/Mach Jetter (2018)
A remold/recolor of Galaxxor 001, Monster Hunter Robo with a new head.
A 5.5 inch tall vinyl figure. 1:13 scale. Compatible with Glyos. Includes 6 parts including the alternate head.[10]
  • Shapeways Prize Inside Inchman Acroyear Type I
An inch tall figure based on Acroyear.[11]
  • Acroyear inspired the Microborgs character Spartak Sovereign.



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