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Microborgs are a 3d printed toy line available on Shapeways which was introduced in 2018. It was designed by Mathew Robert Ignash.


Microborgs 1:18 scale action figures. They are sold in a series of kits on Shapeways and assembled by the buyer. The kits are supplied of trees arranged by colors. Most parts connect together with 5mm pegs and sockets.


Name Homage Kits Price Picture
Ampzookie, the Tiny Terror Micronauts Ampzilla Green, Yellow $17.30 Ampzookie.jpg
Acroguy Z, the Secret Acro Weapon Great Mazinger Black, Blue, Red, White $39.75 Acroguyz.jpg
Bioguy, the Eternal Pilot Micronauts Biotron Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White $44.06 Bioguyphoguy.jpg
Broodling, Female Micronauts Hornetroid Prototype Orange, Pink $18.51 Broodlingfemale.jpg
Broodling, Male Micronauts Hornetroid Black, Purple, Red $25.64 Broodlingmale.jpg
Deathwheeler, the CYborg KILLer GoBots Cy-Kill Black, Blue, Grey, Red $57.07 Deathwheeler.jpg
Force Commando, Disciple of Force Micronauts Force Commander Red, White $34.82 Forcecommando3.jpg
Galactic Ruler, head of the Micro Empire Micronauts Emperor Black, Orange,


$37.46 Galacticruler.jpg
Jackroyear Green, Grey, Orange $40.53 Jackroyear.jpg
Karza Kommando, Killer Klone Micronauts Baron Karza Black, Red $34.77 Karzaklonekommando2.jpg
Microguy, Robot From the Friendzone Micronauts Microtron Black, Grey, Red, White $47.00 Microguy.jpg
Phoguy, Phatal Master of Phear Micronauts Phobos Black, Grey, Red $44.76 Phoguy.jpg
Rivalguy, the Evil Sidekickbot Micronauts Nemesis Black, Pink $50.57 Rivalguy.jpg
Scorpoid, the Galactic Offender Major Matt Mason Scorpio Pink, Purple $31.03 Scorpoid2.jpg
Skeladex, Alien Robot Menace Unreleased Micronauts Alien Black, Grey $39.18 Skeladex2.jpg
Spartak Sentry, Wielder of the Spiky Justice Widget Background Acroyear Green, White $34.87 Spartaksentry2.jpg
Spartak Spouse, a Demanding Queen Micronauts Lady Cecila Black, Orange, White $41.98 Spartaksistera.jpg
Spartak Seductress, a Loyal Love Micronauts Red, White $29.16 Spartakseductress.jpg
Spartak Sovereign, Proud Warrior King Micronauts Acroyear Black, Red, White $47.52 Spartaksovereign.jpg
Spartak Steed, Trusty Space Stallion Panzeroid Black, Red, White $56.04 Spartaksteed.jpg


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