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Machine Robo (マシンロボ?) is a Japanese transforming robot toyline first released in 1982 by Popy, a division of Bandai, then later by Bandai proper. The franchise was marketed as Robo Machine in Europe, and Machine Men (or Robot Machine Men) in Australia. A large portion of these toys were exported to North America as part of Tonka's GoBots and Rock Lords series, beginning in 1984.

About Machine Robo

The initial assortment of Machine Robos consisted of small toy robots which transformed into vehicles, aircraft, etc., comparable in size to Matchbox cars. These early MR toys have become known as the "600 series" (being priced at ¥600 each), and were developed through ideas submitted by children, similar to the children's submissions in the Kinnikuman anime series. Larger-scale deluxe ("DX") toys were soon released, along with other non-transforming vehicles & figures.

Catalogs packaged with the toys contained stories depicting the Machine Robos as beings from the Romulus system. Romulus was collapsing in on itself, and those beings who reached Earth became Machine Robo, while some became trapped in the Casmozone and mutated into monstrous Devil Invaders. This premise would later be abandoned in favor of a new storyline originating with the first MR anime Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos.

The "600" Era (1982–1985)

600 Series (マシンロボ 600)
MR Name Vehicle Mode GoBot Name
01 Bike Robo Motorcycle Cy-Kill
02 Battle Robo Tank Tank
03 Jet Robo Jet Fitor
04 Gyro Robo Helicopter Cop-Tur
05 Steam Robo JNR Class D51 Loco
06 Highway Robo Ground effect vehicle Hi-Way
07 Supercar Robo Supercar Turbo
08 Buggy Robo Dune buggy BuggyMan
09 Dump Robo Dump truck Dumper
10 Fire Robo Fire Engine Pumper
11 Bulldozer Robo Bulldozer Dozer
12 Shinkansen Robo 0 Series Shinkansen Bullet
13 Patrol Car Robo Patrol car Hans-Cuff
14 Shuttle Robo Space Shuttle Spay-C
15 Ambulance Robo Ambulance Rest-Q
16 Scooter Robo Scooter Scooter
17 Drill Robo Subterrene Screw Head
18 Trailer Robo Semi-trailer truck Road Ranger
19 Harrier Robo Sea Harrier FRS1 Royal-T
20 Porsche Robo Porsche 956 Crasher
21 Countach Robo Countach LP500S Spoiler
22 New Shinkansen Robo 200 Series Vain Train
23 Missile Tank Robo Missile tank Blaster
24 Crane Robo Crane Crain Brain
25 Eagle Robo F-15 Eagle Leader-1
26 Sanitation Robo Garbage truck Fly Trap
27 Doubledecker Bus Robo Doubledecker bus Decker Decker
MR Name Vehicle Mode GoBot Name
28 Jeep Robo Mitsubishi Jeep J57 Geeper-Creeper
29 UFO Robo UFO Path Finder
30 3-Wheel Buggy Robo Three-wheeler n/a
31 Cessna Robo Cessna 172 Water Walk
32 F-1 Robo Renault RE20 Turbo Slicks
33 Submarine Robo Template:Sclass- Dive-Dive
34 Forklift Robo Forklift Spoons
35 Offroad Robo Pickup truck Small Foot
36 Mixer Robo Cement Mixer Block Head
37 Harley Robo FLHC Electra-Glide Classic Night Ranger
38 Mini Cooper Robo Mini Cooper 1300S Jack Attack
39 Zero Robo A6M Zero Zero
40 Kaman Robo SH-2 Seasprite Flip-Top
41 Apache Robo AH-64 Apache Wrong-Way
42 Skyline Robo Skyline 2000 RS Turbo Tail Pipe
43 Hot Rod Robo Camaro Z28 Street Heat
44 Classic Robo Classic Style Excalibur Good Knight
45 Blackbird Robo SR-71 Blackbird Snoop
46 Limousine Robo Rolls-Royce Phantom VI Tux/Stretch
47 Fairchild Robo A-10 Thunderbolt II Bad Boy
48 Fairlady Robo Nissan 300ZX Major Mo
49 Falcon Robo F-16 Fighting Falcon Heat Seeker
50 Vertol Robo KV-107-II5 Twin Spin
51 Phantom Robo F-4EJ Phantom Mach-3
52 Tomcat Robo F-14A Tomcat Sky Jack
53 Apollo Robo Saturn V rocket Apollo
54 Battleship Robo Template:Sclass- Man-O-War
747 Jumbo Jet Robo Boeing 747 n/a
Machine Robo DX/Scale Robo
DX Name Super GoBot Name
01 Space Cobra Psychoroid Psycho
02 Fairlady 280Z T-Bar Roof Zeemon
03 Porsche 928S Herr Fiend/Doctor Go
04 Leopard A4Template:Dn Destroyer
05 Volkswagen 1303S Beetle Bug Bite
06 Saladin MkII Defendor
07 Porsche 930 Turbo Baron/Professor Von Joy
Big Machine Robo
BMR Name Super GoBot Name
01 Big Bike Robo Super Cy-Kill
02 Big Eagle Robo Super Leader-1
03 Big Trailer Robo (Super) Staks
04 Big Jet-Heli Robo (Super) Warpath
05 Big Shuttle Robo Super Spay-C
Devil Invaders
MRD Name Katakana Monster GoBot Name
101 Casmodon キャスモドン Vamp
102 Falgos ファルゴス Pincher
103 Zarios ザリオス Scorp
104 Gildis ギルディス Creepy
105 Baldas バルダス Bladez

Vehicles & Bases

Power Suits
Jet fighter and four powered suits combine into huge robot.
Tank and four powered suits combine into huge robot.
Machine Puzzler
Name GoBot Name
Corvette Tic Tac
Celica XX Jigsaw
Countach LP500 Pocket
Porsche 930T Crossword
Benz 500SLC Rube
Fairlady 300ZX Zig Zag
Double Machine Robo
  • Jetlancer
  • Helitanser
  • Tanktrancer
  • Drillheli
  • Doublejet
  • Sidelancer
Martial Arts Robo (格闘技ロボ)

Revenge of Cronos (1986–1987)

see Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos

Both in Japan and in the West, Machine Robo's main competition was The Transformers, whose animated series debuted in Japan in 1985. To match this, the first Machine Robo anime, Revenge of Cronos' debuted a year later in 1986.

Chara Collection

Large, non-transforming versions of main characters with swords. DX versions come with firing BB guns.

  • Triple Jim
  • Blue Jet
  • Rod Drill
Snapfit model kits
Name AKA
Blue Jet with Leina Stōl Jet Robo
Rod Drill with Rom Stōl Drill Robo
Triple Jim with Leina Stōl Supercar Robo
Kenryu with Rom Stōl n/a
Combat Racer Porsche Robo
Mecha Fighter Blackbird Robo
Soul of Chogokin (2007)
  • GX-39 Baikanfu

Battle Hackers (1987–1988)

see Machine Robo: Battle Hackers

CG Robo (1993)

In CG Robo (シージーロボ), the "CG" is short for "Change & Glow", pointing to the fact that this line of 14 figures not only transformed, but also had working lights and sounds. CG-01 to CG-05 were released in Europe with minor changes as part of the Robo Machines toyline.

CG # Name Vehicle Type
01 Patrol Car CG Police Car
02 Fire CG Fire Truck
03 Rescue CG Ambulance
04 Carrier CG Tank truck
05 4WD CG 4WD
06 Spy CG Sports Car
07 Armor CG Armored Car
08 Nozomi CG 300 Series Shinkansen
09 Dump CG Dump Truck
10 Crane CG Crane
11 Shovel CG Excavator
12 Tsubasa CG 400 Series Shinkansen
13 Dozer CG Bulldozer
14 Shuttle CG Space Shuttle

Machine Robo Rescue (2003)

see Machine Robo Rescue

Mugenbine (2004–present)

see Machine Robo Mugenbine

Animated series

The first Machine Robo anime was Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos, which aired in Japan from 1986 to 1987. There were some further straight-to-video adventures released from 1988 to 1990 that featured some characters from this anime. The second series was Machine Robo: Battle Hackers, which aired in 1987. The latest animated series was Machine Robo Rescue in 2003.

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