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Kenpo Robo
Machine Robo character
Kenpo Robo toy in box
First appearance

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 30, "Spew Fire, Big Blaze Cannon", January 29, 1987
Created by

Japanese name

Release number

MRC-5, BH-01
Aliases West Sword
Species Machine Robo
Occupation Warrior


Battle Base personnel, Cronos Clan

Kenpo Robo is a fictional character from the Machine Robo series. He is a heroic Cronos Clan member introduced in 1986.

Machine Robo

Kenpo Robo is a heroic mechanoid from the Cronos Clan. Because of his mechanoid nature, he does not need to breath oxygen. He probably knows Kenpo martial arts.

He has used the Dragon Helmet, which heals any wounds of the wearer. Kenpo Robo has been known to use a personal tank and Power Riser vehile.


Animated series

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos

Karate Robo, Judo Robo and Kenpo Robo in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 30, "Spew Fire, Big Blaze Cannon"

Kenpo Robo first appeared in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 30 "Spew Fire, Big Blaze Cannon" where he was part of a group lead by Kendo Robo who aided Rom Stol against the Gandora.[1]

In episode 33, "The Lost Ruin - Four Secrets!", Kendo Robo discovers the Dragon Helmet in a ruin.[2]

Kenpo Robo appeared in episode 34, "Vikung-Fu Disappears In Space".[3]

Note: The animation model of Kenpo Robo colors his head black, but the toy had a gray head. He never used his drill tank in the series. In some English subtitles of the series he is called West Sword.

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers

Kenpo Robo appeared in Machine Robo: Battle Hackers episode 1, "Burning Electronic Planet".[4]

Kenpo Robo appeared in episode 2, "Jet Riser - Emergency Departure".[5]

Kenpo Robo appeared in episode 4, "The Strongest Warrior - R Jetan".[6]

Blue Jet, Diaman, Karate Robo and Kenpo Robo appeared in episode 5, "Crystal Eavesdropping Strategy".[7]


  • Bandai Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos MRC-5 Kenpo Robo (1986)
A new mold. Comes with a backpack that turns into a drill tank that Kenpo Robo can fit inside. Kenpo has a Japanese manji symbol for luck (looking like a counterclockwise swastika) on his chest and the Japanese symbols "拳" meaning "fist" on each leg.
  • Bandai Machine Robo: Battle Hackers BH-01 Power Riser with Kenpo Robo (1987)
A release of Kenpo Robo for the Machine Robo: Battle Hackers line, this time with a Power Riser armor.



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