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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers
マシンロボ ぶっちぎりバトルハッカーズ
(Machine Robo: Butchigiri Battlehackers)
Genre Adventure, Mecha
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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers (マシンロボ ぶっちぎりバトルハッカーズ Mashin Robo: Butchigiri Batoruhakkāzu?) is a Japanese animated television series produced by Ashi Productions. It ran on TV Tokyo from June 3, 1987 through December 30, 1987.[1]

Connection to Revenge of Cronos

In the finale of Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos, the Machine Robo decide to leave planet Cronos after defeating Gandler so that they can fight against evil in a new dimension. When they cross the dimensional barrier, the Machine Robo appear on Electronic Planet B1 with no memory of events from the previous series.


In the year 406AE, the Electronic Planet B-1 falls prey to the Mechanoid space gang Gurendos. To fight back against them, the Machine Robo join forces to form the Algo Republic. Meanwhile, a large starship with five humans in suspended animation malfunctions and crash lands on B-1. Emerging from their ship, they find themselves caught up in the struggle between the Gurendos forces and the Algo Republic, eventually joining forces with the rough-and-tumble bunch of Machine Robo known as the Battle Hackers team to help save B-1 and eventually find a way back to Earth. In the final episode it is discovered that the robotic wars of Electronic Planet B1 were created by humans as a testing ground for arms traders.


Algo Army

The Mother Computer that commands the Algo Army.

Battle Hackers

The most dangerous unit in the Algo Army, it is composed of the misfits, hotheads, and dropouts of the Machine Robo.

The leader of the Battle Hackers. Like his name suggests, he transforms from robot to jet to tank. Carries the "R. Bazooka" and sub-rifle.
Non-transforming sub-commander, his weapon is the "Garfire Special". Gets around on a hoverboard. Although no toy of Garzack was ever released, an electronic prototype was designed that would have interacted with the anime.
A triple changer that can go from robot to jet to gun. Former White Thunder member.
"Muscle"-type character. Can transform from robot to drill-tank to rhinoceros. Former Silver Wolves member.
Header, Abarar, Leggar and Taildar combine into Gattai Saurer. Get around on hoverboards.
Former Silver Wolves member. Carries the Big Blazer Cannon.
  • Hot Rod Joe
  • F-1 Jack
  • Buggy Wolf
  • Drag Sam
  • Rotary Kid
  • Twincam Jimmy
  • Akira Amachi (voice: Masaaki Ōkura)
Pilots the Jet Riser
Pilots the Battle Riser
Pilots the Power Riser

Winner Robo

  • Roboshooter Gaiden
  • Testarossa Winner
Ferrari Testarossa.
  • Truck Winner
Race truck
  • Police Winner
Toyota Soarer Patrol Car
  • Buggy Winner
Hornet Buggy. Called Dirt Robo in the anime.
  • F-1 Winner
Lotus F1. Called Racer Robo in the anime.
  • Eagle Winner
F-15 Eagle.
  • Fire Winner
Chemical Fire Engine
  • Porsche Winner
Porsche 935.

Silver Wolves

The new team name of the Battle Clan from Revenge of Cronos. Composed of the land and sea robots.

Leader of the Silver Wolves. Transforms into a drill-tank. One of his toy molds was used as the Renegade Screw Head in the GoBots series.

White Thunder

Team name of the Jet Clan from Revenge of Cronos. Composed of the aerial robots.

Leader of the White Thunder. He can turn into a jet. Fights with "Tenkū Shin Ken (天空真剣, Sky True Sword)" style sword. One of his toy molds was used as the Renegade Fitor in the GoBots series.

Blue Dragons

Team name of the Jewel Lords and Rock Lords from Revenge of Cronos.

Leader of the Blue Dragons. Transforms into a diamond.

Red Knights

Team name of the Martial Arts Robo/Cronos Clan from Revenge of Cronos.

Leader of the Red Knights.


The villains of the series. The group's name derives from the term guren-tai (愚連隊 hoodlums)

An evil computer that controls the Gurendos.
Second-in-command of the Gurendos. His name is based on gakuran.
Kariage (刈り上げ) loosely translates to "hair cropped close in the back".
Name derived from sorikomi (剃り込み), again referring to his hairstyle.
A yakuza swordsman. Rides a Mercedes-Benz. Name derived from Yassan (ヤッサン).
Named derived from shibumi.
Sorikondar's aide. Speaks in a Kansai dialect. Named after the phrase Suji no toranai (筋の通らない illogical)
  • Iron Eagle (アイアンイーグル) (voice: Katsumi Suzuki)
  • Pattsuri (パッツリ)
  • Zentry (ゼントリー)
  • Kizūn (キズーン)
Named derived from kizu (scar).
  • Gantsuke (ガンツケ)
  • Shinobis (シノビス)
Named derived from shinobi (ninja).
  • Igarn (イガーン)
Named derived from Iga, an ancient ninja province.
  • Geruka (ゲルカ)
  • Teppodaman (テッポダマン)
  • Uwappā (ウワッパー)
  • Sitappā (シタッパー)
Shitappa means "underling".
  • Bi-Bi-Bi Black (ビビビブラック)
  • Devil Satan 6 (played by Kenichi Ono)
Six monstrous robots that can combine into the giant Devil Satan 6 robot. In the anime they are referred to by number instead of name.
  1. Gillhead (played by Kenichi Ono): The head. Speaks in a Kansai dialect.
  2. Barabat: Left arm.
  3. Deathclaw: Right arm.
  4. Gurogiron: Torso.
  5. Eyegos: Right Leg.
  6. Blugoda: Left Leg.

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