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Battle Robo
Machine Robo character
Battle Robo toy in box
First appearance

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 10, "Defeat Bug, the User of Darkness!", September 4, 1986
Created by

Voiced by

Hideyuki Umezu[1]
Japanese name

Release number

MR-02, MRB-13, MRG-04
Species Machine Robo
Occupation Bandit, orderly, warrior


Battle Base personnel, Battle Clan, Bug Newman gang
Alternate mode


Battle Robo is a fictional character from the Machine Robo series. He is a member of the Battle Clan who turns into a tank. He was introduced as a toy in 1982, but did not appear in fiction until 1986.

Machine Robo

Battle Robo is a sometimes heroic mechanoid of the Battle Clan who turns into a tank. Initially a bandit working for Bug Newman, later became an ally in the war against the Gandora. Because of his mechanoid nature, he does not need to breath oxygen but is vulnerable to intense magnetic fields. His weapons include three 380mm Ionoid Molecular Disintegration Cannons and two 120mm Ionoid High Frequency Guns. He has used an shoulder-mounted rocket launcher.


Animated series

Dojo students in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 13, "Jet! Defeat the Double Death Blade!"

Fifteen years before the Gandora invasion of Cronos Battle Robo, Buggy Robo, Rury and Supercar Robo were students at a martial arts Dojo run by Rury's father when it was visited by Master Kirai Stol. These events are recalled by Rury in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 13, "Jet! Defeat the Double Death Blade!".[2]

Battle Robo first appeared in episode 10, "Defeat Bug, the User of Darkness!", where he was a member of Bug Newman's bandit gang. When attacking Iron City the bandits were confronted by Rom Stol and friends. Battle Robo was knocked to the ground with one punch from Rod Drill, but the bandits escaped when Bug defeated Rom. Battle Robo was later present when Bug and Iron Sand were defeated by Rom and Vikung-Fu.[3]

Battle Robo appeared in episode 11, "Pledging Love On the Great River". He joined in the Dakota rebellion against the Gandora after Vikung-Fu defeated Casmodon.[4]

Battle Robo was next seen working as an orderly with Supercar Robo at a hospital in episode 20, "The Man From Gandora". They responded when Ambulance Robo arrived at the hospital with the injured Devilrock Clay.

Mechanoids of Cleo City episode 21, "Angel of the Mind, Vikung-Fu - Protect"

Battle Robo was seen among the hypnotized population of the Cleo city in episode 21, "Angel of the Mind, Vikung-Fu - Protect".[5]

Battle Robo helped defend the city from a Gandora attack in episode 24, "Gather All Machine Robo".[6]

In episode 28, "Tough Trailer - 10 Seconds to Detonation", Battle Robo helped in the defense of Yamilan City from an attack by Garudi lead Gandora forces. He was hit by a missile fired by a Devilrock.[7]

In episode 29, "Escape From the Underground - Pro Truck Racer Appears!", Battle Robo was injured in a Gandora attack by an aerial limpet mine.

In episode 31, "The Curse of the Demon Sword Medusa", Battle Robo, Missile Tank Robo and Skyline Robo attempted to talk Rom Stol into taking the fight to the Gandora instead of waiting for them to attack again. When the three heard Pro Truck Racer was planning an attack they attempted to aid him, but they fell into a Gandora trap. Battle Robo and Skyline Robo retreated into the desert. The pair were ambushed by Devilrock and Doublerock, but were saved by Tough Trailer. Battle Robo was taken to a hospital to recover.

Battle Robo helped repulse a Gandora attack on the Battle Base construction site in episode 34, "Vikung-Fu Disappears In Space".[8]

Battle Robo and New Bullet Train Robo were among the volunteers working on the Battle Base in episode 36, "Cannon Fury - Save Amberman".

In episode 38, "Raise Your Gun Helitranser", Battle Robo was part of a team lead by Rom Stol which attempted to ambush Devil Satan 6 members Gillhead and Barabat in the city streets, but it ended up being a trap set by Ashura. Battle Robo was trapped by Ashura's paralyzing adhesive attack, but was taken by to Battle Base. Battle Robo was cured of the paralysis by Diaman.[9]

Battle Robo, Kendo Robo, Phantom Robo and Skyline Robo were downed defending the Battle Base when it was attacked by Gandora in episode 39, "Full Power, Wheelman!". Battle Robo was not seen for the rest of the series.

Note: Battle Robo's voice actor Hideyuki Umezu also provided the voice of Joshua Joyce in the Japanese dub of Transformers: Age of Extinction.


  • Bandai Machine Robo MR-02 Battle Robo (1982)
A new mold designed by Katsushi Murakami. Turns from robot to tank.
This toy was released as Machine Men 02 Tank Man by Bandai and GoBots 02 Tank by Tonka.
  • Bandai Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos MRB-13 Battle Robo (1986)
A release of the Battle Robo toy for Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos.
  • Action Toys Machine Robo Gokin Series MRG-04 Battle Robo (2016)
A new mold by Action Toys. Turns from 1/14 scale robot to tank. Comes with a cannon, two guns and stand. Stands about 5 inches tall.



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