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Cryotek is the name of two fictional characters from the Transformers series. The original Cryotek was introduced in 2001.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Transformers character
Robots in Disguise Cryotek
Name Cryotek
Series Transformers: Robots in Disguise
English voice actor Brad Venable[1]
Alternate modes Cybertronian Tank/Satellite (Theft of the Golden Disk), Transmetal Dragon/Dragster
Function Criminal Overlord
Gender Male
Motto "Always know what your allies and enemies choose to ignore."
Rank 9
Sub-group Transmetal 2

Beast Machines

Cryotek was one of Beast Wars Megatron's early mentors, and impressed upon him his ideals of Decepticon heritage. He masterminded the theft of the Golden Disk, which turned against him when Megatron betrayed him and stole the Disk himself. Cryotek continued to work during Megatron's absence, possibly developing the materials Megatron used to develop the transformation freezing virus. When Megatron returned, Cryotek "helped" Megatron rid himself of his organic body-or at least what he could exploit-by assuming it himself. However, the pain of this metamorphosis sent Cryotek into a period of stasis lock, during which Megatron plundered his innovations. Cryotek awoke in time to witness his empire and Cybertron itself fall to Megatron (although why the Vehicon leader didn't extract his spark during stasis lock remains a point of uncertainty).

Fleeing Cybertron, Cryotek began plans to reestablish the Decepticon Empire. He acquired the services of Cyclonus, a Decepticon warrior who downloaded himself into a Vehicon body. He allied himself with the Quintessons, and planned with the evil aliens to eradicate the Oracle's heralds, successfully destroying the Mutants and injuring the Dinobots. However, Cryotek would still have to defeat the Wreckers, with Primal Prime at their head. Initially he attempted to do this by planting Cyclonus in their midst, resulting the deaths of several members of their team and the theft of a powerful artifact known as the Divine Light.

Cryotek is depicted with the partner Chro, a blue repaint of Beast Machines Deployer Rav.

The script for the final issues of the Wreckers comic reveal that Cryotek and his Quintesson allies launched an invasion against Cybertron after it was reformatted into its technoorganic state by Optimus Primal. The Divine Light, which was revealed to be a conduit for the energy of Primus, was placed inside Cryotek, giving him immense power. When the Wreckers arrived he proved too much for them to handle, easily felling Primal Prime and Apelinq. Victory proved to be harder to achieve, though, when the two fallen Maximals merged together to become the powerful Autobot Sentinel Maximus. The two titans battled hard, but by using his newfound power to manipulate a number of statues and fallen robots, Cryotek gained the upper hand. He showed complete disregard for any attention his powers might attract from Unicron, and continued his battle with Maximus deep into the planet. As they were caught in a dimensional vortex created by the Quintesson Al-Badur, Cryotek found his powers being drained by Matrix Templars Rodimus Prime and Cheetor. He prevented further loss by smashing the Divine Light, only to be tackled by Sentinel Maximus through the portal into a realm of nothingness. Before the two could continue their battle, Maximus was pulled away by Primus, leaving Cryotek in the void to determine a means by which he might escape.[2]

3H Enterprises

Transformers: Universe - Wreckers #3 contains a story called "Disclosure". Dinobots Terranotron, T-Wrecks, Triceradon and Dinotron join Devcon, who is hunting Cryotek.

Fun Publications

Issue #16 of the Transformers Collectors Club magazine featured Primal Prime Apelinq and Cryotek on the cover.

Cryotek also appeared in The Theft of the Golden Disk, an animated feature from BotCon 2006 which featured storyline from just before the beginning of the Beast Wars animated series. In it he appears as a crime boss in Cybertronian form (with a body based on Transformers: Energon Shockblast) but is betrayed by Megatron, who arranges for the Maximal authorities to come across his lair.

"Ask Vector Prime" disclosed the history of a Robots in Disguise continuity Cryotek, who-in association with this figure's coincidental presence in the Robots in Disguise toy line-was the nemesis of Air Attack Optimus Primal. Having allied with a timeline displaced version of Beast Wars Megatron who was defeated by their foe, Cryotek became convinced that Sparks were in fact parasites to the technological forms of the Transformers, a conception inspired by his own mutant Spark. He thus traveled back in time and allied himself with Galvatron aboard the Megastar, and granted the tyrant a new form in exchange for refuge as he attempted to eliminate Sparks and replace them with his own personality programming. Seeking to prevent this genocide, Optimus Primal and Mirage GT followed Cryotek back to the past and allied with Optimus Prime and his Autobots. Cryotek would engage the Maximal on several occasions, with Optimus only being capable of taking physical form to face the mad Predacon. [3][4]


  • Robots in Disguise Cryotek (2001)
Cryotek was released as a toy as a Target exclusive within the Transformers: Robots in Disguise toyline. The figure was a repaint of Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Dragon Megatron with minor remolding.[5]


Transformers character
Transtech Cryotek in Fun Publications illustrations
Name Cryotek
Gender Male
Sub-group TransTechs

A second character named Cryotek appeared as one of the TransTech characters. He is a crime boss and owner of the bar the Blue Deployer.

Fun Publications

Cryotek was one of the main characters to appear in Fun Publications ficiton Gone to Far, a text based story set of Transtech Cybertron.