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The Deployers are a group of characters from the Transformers series.



A mechanical raven built for recon that transforms into an energon crossbow, Rav received his abilities from an ancient female Autobot warrior for his courage in fighting in one of the Autobot resistance movements. His arrows enabled him to short-circuit enemies, and during his brief time with the Maximals after they recovered him he developed a friendship with Nightscream, whom he spoke to in a language of music. However, he and his teammates Mol and Dillo soon joined the Wreckers under Primal Prime, and after a battle against a horde of Vehicons departed Cybertron on a mission from the Quintesson controlled Oracle. After a misunderstanding battle with the Autobot Devcon, the three were consumed in an explosion that destroyed half the ship and took their teammates Sonar and Spittor with them.[1]


A burrowing demolitions expert, Mol was deactivated by the Decepticons during the Great War and only recently reactivated and reformatted. In battle he utilized a circular blade reminiscent of a buzz saw that he could launch at his enemies. Somewhat pessimistic, he was nonetheless reliable in all situations, but like his comrades was destroyed.


The forward observer of the group, Dillo has a big ego but is something of a chicken when it comes to fighting. A former apprentice to an ancient Autobot tracker, he is a master of the mace bolo but tends to utilize it only when retreating. During their brief acquaintance, Nightscream apparently made plans to change that habit, but soon had all memory of the Deployer erased from his mind, and Dillo was soon destroyed.[2]


The Targetmaster protege of the Predacon kingpin Cryotek, Chro often perched on his master's shoulder, awaiting his bidding. When Cryotek had destroyed an enemy, Chro would often be left to pick at their remains.[3]


  • Rav
Two versions of this toy were produced: one in red and black coloring, the other in blue and black. The latter version was Retconned into the story as Chro.
  • Dillo
Dillo also came in two different color schemes: various shades of blue, yellow, and black or blue, red, and white.
  • Mol
Similarly to Rav and Dillo, Mol came in two different color schemes: red and yellow or blue and green.


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