List of Indian social entrepreneurs

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A social entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who works to increase social capital by founding social ventures, including charities, for-profit businesses with social causes, and other non-government organizations. These types of activities are distinct from work of non-operating foundations and philanthropists who provide funding and other support for them.

Notable Indian Social Entrepreneurs

Name Country Social venture founded Focus areas
Shubham Singh
India INDIAN YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP CLUB Startup Acceleration, Funding and Education
Zubaida Bai
Zubaida Bai.jpeg
India AYZH Healthcare
Ela Bhatt
Ela Bhatt.jpg
India Self Employed Women's Association Poverty
Nand Kishore Chaudhary
Nand kishore chaudhary.jpg
India Jaipur Rugs Poverty
Anshu Gupta
Anshu Gupta.jpg
India Goonj Clothing, Disaster relief
Ranjan Mistry
Ranjan Mistry Social Entrepreneur.JPG
India Women School of Entrepreneurship, Campus Varta Women Empowerment, Education, Startup Ecosystem,Entrepreneurship
Abraham George
Abraham George.jpg
India The George Foundation Poverty
Adhik Kadam
Adhik Kadam.jpg
India Borderless World Foundation Peace-building, Peace & Conflict, Women, Children, Emergency Medical Services in Conflict.
Bunker Roy
Bunker Roy.jpg
India Barefoot College Education
Bhargav Sri Prakash
Bhargav Sri Prakash.jpg
India / United States fooya FriendsLearn Digital Vaccines for Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension & Cancer Prevention
Hanumappa Sudarshan
Hanumappa Sudarshan.jpg
India Karuna Trust upliftment of the forest dwelling tribes
Shaheen Mistri
Shaheen mistri india.jpg
India Teach For India, Akanksha Foundation Education
Harish Hande
Harish Hande.jpg
India SELCO Solar energy
Irfan Alam
Irfan Alam.jpeg
India Sammaan Foundation Poverty
Kaushlendra Kumar
Kaushlendra Kumar.jpg
India Kaushalya Foundation Agriculture
Shashank Kumar
Shashank Kumar.jpg
India FarmNFarmers, DeHaat Agriculture
Jeroo Billimoria
Jeroo Billimoria.jpg
India Childline India Foundation Children
Ajaita Shah
Ajaita Shah.jpg
India Frontier Markets Women Empowernment
Sujata Sahu
Sujata Sahu.jpg
India 17000 ft Foundation Education