List of planets in Micronauts

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The following is a list of planets in Miconauts fiction.

  • Equestris - Home of Centaurus.
  • Homeworld - Home of many of the main characers in Marvel Comics inluding Arcturus Rann, Baron Karza, Biotron, Force Commander, Huntarr, Marionette, Microtron, Nanotron and Pharoid.
  • Hydra - Home of Lobstros.
  • Micron - Home of many of the Micronauts in the Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space series.
  • Phobos - Home of Iguanos.
  • Sauria - Home of Repto.
  • Saurian - Home of Ampzilla.
  • Spartak - Home of the Acroyear people in Marvel Comics, including King Acroyear, Prince Shaitan and Cicilia.
  • Visceros - Home of Membros and Terraphant.
  • Zenon - Home of the Lobros.