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Micronauts character
Lobros on card
First appearance

Micronauts volume 1 number 26 by Marvel Comics, February 1981
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Species Lobros

  • Energy blasts
  • Telepathy

Death Squad

Lobros is a fictional character from the Micronauts series. He is a villain character introduced in 1979.


Lobros is a character from the Micronauts series.


Lobros was released as a toy by Mego in late 1979 as part of the second wave of aliens. He was also released by Gig.

According to Bryan Wilkinson on Facebook, when Palisades Toys was first planning on Micronauts toys to release they had hoped to release Lobros in black, orange, red and clear yellow. This toy was never released by Palisades Toys.

In late 2004 Micronauts was licensed to SOTA Toys. They planned to produce a line of stylized 6 inch figures under the name Micronauts Evolution, including a Lobros. A hand painted prototype of Lobros was displayed at Toy Fair New York City 2005, but because of legal issues with Takara the toys were delayed and never released.[1]

In 2018 Mathew Robert Ignash released parts for Lobros on Shapeways.

Fictional biography

Scaley Creature From the Deepest Oceans of Zenon


1979 Marvel Comics

The Death Squad in Micronauts volume 1 number 35 by Marvel Comics

The Lobros race were first mentioned in Micronauts number 26, where is was reported that Knights on Neep had armed encounters with their bat-winged ships.

Lobros appeared in issue number 35, where he fought Bug.

Lobros and the Death Squad fought the Micronauts again in issue 47-48.

When Marvel lost the license to Micronauts it included losing the rights to Lobros, and they have not appeared again the Marvel Universe.

2004 Image Comics

A group of bounty hunters including Antron, Centaurus, Kronos, Lobros, Membros and Repto briefly fought Micronauts when they arrived in Chicago during Baron Karza's invasion in Micronauts volume 1 number 8 by Image Comics.

2016 IDW Publishing

Antron and Lobros appeared in Rom and the Micronauts issue 3 as minions of Membros.

2018 Protectors of Inner Space

Lobros appeared in the Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space art series by Bryan Vox. Several Lobros appeared on the cover of Defenders of Micron issue 2.


A Mego commercial with Sharkos depicted Sharkos being piloted by Lobros.[2]

Lobros appears among the aliens in the Gig commercial for Red Falcon.[3]


  • Mego Micronauts Lobros (1979)
A new mold 1:18 scale. Comes with two cuffs, gun, shield, brain, and tongue.
This figure was remolded into Lords of Light Topen.
  • Gig Micronauti Lobros
A release of Lobros in Italy by Gig.
  • SOTA Toys Micronauts Evolution Lobros (unreleased)


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