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Convoy is a term in the Transformers franchise that is often used as an alternative translation for Prime, the title typically associated with the leader of the Autobots. It is often applied to characters who first appeared in Japanese-exclusive media, such as Lio Convoy (also called Leo Prime), and was also the original Japanese name for the character of Optimus Prime.


Generation 1

Animated series

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" established an alternate reality in which the Convoy Council consisted of Lio Convoy, Fire Convoy, Galaxy Convoy, and Reverse Convoy.

IDW Publishing

Big Convoy, Lio Convoy, and Legend Convoy were featured as members of the Primal Council.



The Convoy were also featured as a group in Transformers: Timelines assembled by the Transtech in order to deal with various problems involving beings from various universe who had taken up residence on Axiom Nexus. This group's membership consists of the following: