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Onyx Primal is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a Maximal assassin in theBeast Wars stories.

Beast Wars

Transformers character
Name Onyx Primal
Series Beast Wars
English voice actor Gary Chalk
Alternate modes Bat
Function Infiltrator/Assassin
Gender Male
Motto "The closest of allies is often the greatest of threats."
Sub-group Basic Beasts

Onyx Primal's original BotCon tech specs described him as a former agent and assassin of the Tripredacus Council, similar to Ravage and Flamewar. However, a falling out with his Predacon commanders left him with only one option - to join his former foes, the Maximals. As with Dinobot, the process has not been easy, as Onyx is quick to anger and resents taking blame from anyone, especially his new "superiors". He is also careful to keep the details of his past a secret from his new comrades in arms. In robot mode, he wields two electron-scimitars and beast mode he capable of a "stealth cloak" that can shield him from a variety of Cybertronian scanning technologies. As befits his training, he serves as one of the Maximals' chief spies.

3H Enterprises

Onyx Primal's only fictional appearance thus far was in the 1998 BotCon voice actor play. He was sent with Packrat (whom he bickered with in a style reminiscent of Dinobot and Rattrap) on a scouting mission into Predacon territory, where they uncovered a highly advanced Predacon device, before battling with Fractyl and Vice Grip - only to have the device stolen. The entire group were then blasted by the future Predacon Antagony - a servant of the Predacon/Unicron hybrid Shokaract - who was attempting to recapture the device, not realising Megatron and Waspinator had already made off with it.

At the BotCon voice actor play, Gary Chalk voiced Onyx Primal, and a voice inspired by Jackie Gleason's voice from the Honeymooners.

IDW Publishing

Onyx Primal had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing.[1]


  • Beast Wars Basic Onyx Primal (1997)
A black recolor of bat Optimus Primal available at Botcon.[2] The toy was used as the exclusive for Men In Black convention: Transcon II in 1997 in a package variation.


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