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Flamewar is the name of two fictional characters from the Transformers series. Both are female Decepticons who turns into a motorcycles.

Transformers: Timelines

Transformers character
Flameway toy
Name Flamewar
Series Transformers: Timelines
Alternate modes Motorcycle
Function Tripredicus Agent (2005), Mercenary (2014)
Gender Female
Motto "To forget the past is to doom the future."
Rank 5
Sub-group Basic Vehicles, Convention exclusives

Flamewar is a Decepticon agent and mercenary.

Fictional biography

Profile: Flamewar was one of the original members of Megatron's army during the first Great War. Since that time, she has served as everything from a warrior to a scientist. In her current role as agent of the Tripredicus Council, she hopes to help guide the Predacon Alliance into a position of power and one day, defeat the Autobots and the Maximals. She holds disdain for the current crop of Decepticon Generals, including Deathsaurus. Flamewar sees them all as pale imitators of Megatron, whose loss she mourns to this day. While on the outside she maintains bravado, deep down inside, Flamewar yearns for days long gone with sadness and anger.

Abilities: Having stolen the plans for her current body from the Autobots, Flamewar made modifications to increase her abilities. Her body is able to generate a low level force field, which virutally eliminates friction, allowing her to achieve high speed in both robot and vehicle modes. Her vehicle mode has been clocked at speeds in excess of 400 mph. Her weapon has greater range and accuracy than the original plans dictated as well. Flamewar is incredibly intelligent and experienced in combat.

Weakness: Flamewar's tendency to look back at the past can sometimes cloud her judgement regarding her present actions.

Fun Publications

Flamewar made her first fictional appearance thus far in the 2005 BotCon comic Timelines: Descent into Evil. An agent of the Tripredacus Council, she was assigned to spy on Deathsaurus and his plan to create an army of Insecticon clones. Tacitly helping him by disabling the Autobot strike force (including Ironhide, Chromia, Flareup, Ratchet and Fallback) sent against Deathsaurus' facility, she then reported to the Council that the experiments had been a success. However she was interrupted by an unexpected figure - Bumblebee, now Autobot Director of Intelligence, who revealed that not only had one of his agents seeded the Insecticons with a virus that would render their clones useless, but now he knew who and where she was, reasoning she was now a liability to her masters. Unfortunately for her the Tripredacus Council concurred and destroyed her ship from long range.

In the Friday Night Dinner Script, it was revealed that she survived her extermination.


  • Timelines Basic Flamewar (2005)
Flamewar is a recolor of Energon Arcee. She is an exclusive BotCon 2005 action figure. She was only offered as a free gift for those who pre-purchased an Iacon Action Figure set and attended the convention. Considered very rare, she is coveted by some collectors.
  • Timelines Deluxe Flamewar (2015)

Transformers: Prime

Flamewar in the Prime series is a Decepticon spark hunter who turns into a motorcycle. She spent years preparing to take on Arcee under the orders of Megatron.


  • Hasbro Prime Cyberverse Legion Flamewar (2012)
A recolor of Prime Legends Arcee.


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