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The Mayhem Attack Squad is a Decepticon unit in several Transformers continuities.


Generation 1


Shattered Glass

Known as the Mayhem Suppression Squad in this reality, this group's membership includes Crasher, Dirge, Thundercracker, Deathsaurus, Bludgeon, and Carnivac. Though an effective unit-particularly after the decimation of their old foes the Wreckers-their "enthusiasm" was always rather concerning to Megatron.


The Classics version of the Mayhem Attack Squad later ended up in the Shattered Glass universe along with virtually all surviving inhabitants of their original reality. Here the group's membership includes Bludgeon, Needlenose, Ruckus, Windsweeper, and Spinister, who combine to form Thunder Mayhem.


  • Thunder Mayhem (2016)
A combiner made from five of the six Transformers Figure Subscription Service 4.0 figures, which were remolded/recolored from Combiner Wars figures:
Bludgeon - a remold of Combiner Wars Onslaught.
Windsweeper - remold of Skydive.
Spinister - recolor of Alpha Bravo.
Ruckus - recolor of Offroad.
Needlenose - recolor of Air Raid.