Galvatron (Shattered Glass)

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Transformers character
Shattered Glass Galvatron toy
Name Galvatron
Series Transformers: Timelines
First appearance Reunification by Fun Publications
Alternate modes Rescue helicopter
Function Decepticon Leader
Motto "Power is nothing without wisdom."
Partner Thundercracker
Rank 10
Sub-group BotCon exclusives, Voyagers

Galvatron is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a heroic mirror image of Galvatron from the Generation 1.

Shattered Glass

After nearly being killed in an assassination attempt Megatron was rebuilt by Nexus Prime into Galvatron.

Fictional biography

After his brush with death and subsequent rebirth, Galvatron became an even wiser and more compassionate leader of the heroic Decepticons. He uses his new powers and alternate form to manage his battles against Prime's forces on both Cybertron and Earth. His chemical laser cannons have a range of two miles and his hook-and-grapple is supported by a nigh unbreakable destronium tether. It has been a full solar cycle since Nexus Prime and Aquarius left Cybertron for parts unknown, and the Stellar Spanner built by Alpha Trion subsequently destroyed. However, some strange energy readings coming from inside Iacon seems to indicate the technology may be in use once again...


In initial concepts for Shattered Glass Galvatron he was colored blue inspired by Dai Atlas, but the final release was purple.[1]


Fun Publications

In Reunification, Megatron greets a Quintesson and the dimensional travelers Breakaway, Topspin Skyfall and Landquake after their escape from the Autobot combiner Computron. Megatron introduces the travelers to Heatwave, but then is shot by the traitor Cyclonus, who is working for Alpha Trion. The travelers try to combine their powers with Heatwave to return Megatron to life, but instead have a vision of Skyfall and are combined into Nexus Prime. Nexus Prime resurrect Megatron as Galvatron.

Galvatron appears in a flashback in The Coming Storm.

Galvatron appears in the 2012 BotCon Invasion lithograph by Casey Coller and Josh Perez.[2]

Galvatron appeared in Solar Requiem, where he is seen meeting the positive universe Autobots.[3]

Galvatron appeared in Another Light where he commanded a shuttle when Gaia teleported the humans and human shaped Pretenders from Classicverse Earth. The shuttles were attacked by Shattered Glass Primus, but survived. Galvatron was later made part of the governing council of New Cybertron.[4]

Transformers: Mosaic

Both Megatron and Galvatron appear as separate characters in the Transformers Mosaic story "I Will Be God" by Wout Jut. Galvatron is depicted as being evil and the brother of Optimus Prime.[5]


  • Transformers Timelines Voyager Galvatron (2011)
A recolor of Cybertron Evac. This toy was a BotCon 2011 exclusive packaged together with Thundercracker. Only 1800 were produced.


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