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Transformers character
Carnivax box art
Name Carnivac
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Alternate modes Robotic wolf
Function Hunter/Tracker
Gender Male
Motto "A cunning smile is more devastating than the fiercest weapon."
Rank 4
Sub-group Pretender

Carnivac is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a Decepticon Pretender hunter who turns into a giant mechanical wolf.

Transformers: Generation 1

Fictional biography

A growling, howling, mad dog destroyer. Commits abominable acts with unrelenting glee. Always smiling, even in battle. Outer shell has built-in hydrolic lifters that enable him to jump over 50 feet in any direction. High-intensity laser beams in eyes incinerate targets in seconds. In robot mode, armed with anti-thermal cannon with infrared scope that freezes targets on impact.

Fun Publications

Carnivac appeared in Invasion Prologue by Fun Publications where is was one of the Decepticon troops under the command of Overlord.[1]

Transformers: Mosaic

Carnivac appeared in the Transformers: Mosaic story "Butcher of the Bogs" by Optimutt.[2]


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