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Shokaract, also known as the Hunter, is a villainous character from several iterations of the Transformers franchise, usually associated with Beast Wars fiction.


Generation 1

BotCon/3H Enterprises

Originally a simple Predacon mercenary, the being who would be Shokaract came across the life essence of Unicron on Earth, it having been displaced from the Chaos Bringer's body after his defeat in The Transformers: The Movie. The Hunter created a vessel to hold this "Dark Essence" as he dubbed it, and chose to name it the Decepticon Matrix of Conquest as a lampoon of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. He subsequently renamed himself Shokaract, after the prophesied event known as Point Omega. Using it's power, Shokaract soon took control of Cybertron and began carving out a vast empire for himself, with the aid of Heralds such as Cataclysm and Antagony. However, fearing that the Dark Essence would be drawn back into the timestream in the past and thus undo his future, he began sending agents back in time to insure its continued presence. When these minions perished, Shokaract traveled back in time himself and engaged Optimus Primal's crew of Maximals.

Due to the efforts of the Covenant of Primus and other heroes, including Windrazor and Apelinq, Shokaract was destroyed.

IDW Publishing

Shokaract later appeared as a character in Beast Wars: The Ascending, in which his minions gathered Angolmois energy in order to increase their master's power. Unbeknownst to Shokaract, he was being used by the Blendtrons and others, with Unicron merely using him as a vessel until he could return to full power. This was discovered by a time-displaced Magmatron, who contacted the Maximal and Predacon forces under Razorbeast and Ravage on Earth in an effort to avert Unicron's return and the madness and destruction that would accompany it. At the same time, Big Convoy was investigating the recent rise in Angolmois use and the violence it had kicked off, and came across Shokaract in his stronghold.

In the timeline where Magmatron didn't interfere, Shokaract killed Big Convoy and "the Ascending" proceeded unhindered. However, Magmatron's efforts to alert Lio Convoy of the situation on Earth and then to get the combined Maximal and Predacon forces back to Cybertron enabled Shokaract's defeat. Though the tyrant killed many of his enemies, they were able to place a teleportation device on him. Transported to the same dimension outside time as Magmatron, Shokaract's eyes were opened to the reality of his situation, and he tore the Matrix of Conquest from his chest. The resulting explosion killed Shokaract and returned Magmatron to normal time, though the crippled Cybertron was left vulnerable to the return of Megatron.

Fun Publications

The Hunter was later included in Cannonball's crew of Star Seekers, who sought out Unicron's head in order to obtain the Chaos Bringer's power.

A version of Shokaract was also one of Bio Ranger Iga's Thirteen Great Demon Generals.[1]


  • Hasbro Beast Wars Transformers Shokaract (2000)
A recolor of Beast Wars Rampage.
This toy was repurposed into Shattered Glass Beast Wars Rampage.
  • Hasbro Transformers Timelines Hunter (2014)
A recolor of the Transformers Collectors Club Rampage/Protoform X, who was a remold of First Edition Prime Megatron.
This toy was repurposed into Shattered Glass Beast Wars Protoform X.