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Covenant of Primus refers to several elements found in various Transformers series.

Real world


An ancient tome on Cybertron considered to be sacred to many Cybertronians, serving as a Transformers equivalent of the Bible down to having several passages paraphrased from it.

Generation 1

Animated series

Fun Publications

IDW Publications

Aligned Continuity

Animated series


The Covenant was Alpha Trion's artifact as a member of the Thirteen Primes, in which he recorded Cybertron's history and also found some writings pertaining to the future. It was paired with an artifact known as 'the Quill, which Alpha Trion used to write in its pages; this seemingly antiquated system often puzzled his student Orion Pax.

In Transformers: Retribution, Alpha Trion was revealed to have hidden the pages of the Covenant in order to keep them from Shockwave, but the Decepticon succeeded in finding several of them, including one that he believed would enable him to access Vector Sigma.


BotCon/Fun Publications

The group known as the Covenant of Primus were introduced in Transformers: Reaching the Omega Point, where they were created by Primus before he was entombed within Cybertron. Their purpose was to act as a last line of defense against Unicron and await an event known as Point Omega, or Shokaract, in which Unicron's threat would arise without the Matrix of Leadership to combat it. They were created shortly after or before Primon, and-at least in some realities-later inspired the Thirteen Primes according to Liege Maximo, though this may have been part of his trademark deceit. Vector Prime was also of the opinion that the Covenant and Primon might actually be versions of the Thirteen from some reality.[1] The group consisted of twelve members, each named/inspired by members of the Greek zodiac:

  • Leonicus-lion-moded leader of the Covenant.
  • Piscor
  • Libras-member of the Covenant who often debated with teammate Scorpius.
  • Scorpius-scorpion-themed expert on political intrigue, also known as the Predacon Sandstorm.
  • Ariex/Aries-ram-themed member of the Covenant who often clashes with Leonicus.
  • Aquator-aquatic member of the Covenant.
  • Taurotron
  • Cancix
  • Geminator
  • Sagittarii
  • Virgol
  • Capricun/Capricurn-a member of the Covenant who took a vow of silence.