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Violenjiger, also occasionally known as Bio Ranger Iga, is a villainous character in the Transformers franchise first featured in Transformers: Zone.


Generation 1

Animated series

A mysterious insectoid being, Violenjiger recruited nine extremely powerful Decepticons to serve as his Great Generals:

His exact motivation is unknown, but Violenjiger sought to collect the power of Zone Energy and the Zodiac, going so far as destroying the planet Feminia. However, his subsequent attack on Earth was thwarted by the new Autobot commander Dai Atlas.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" later revealed that an alternate version of Violgenjiger, Bio Ranger Iga, assembled not Nine, but Thirteen Transformers to serve as his Great Demon Generals:

However, as with the Nine Great Generals, the Thirteen were defeated in many realities by Dai Atlas and his forces. [1] Vector Prime also indicated that Predaking's strange nature in Zone-namely his apparently organic brain-may have been a result of Iga, whom he referred to as "the Violent Chigger," rebuilding the Decepticon Combiner with GoBots technology.