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Lunaclub is a female Decepticon who forms a limb of Megatronia.


Unite Warriors

Lunaclub was created alongside her twin sister Moonheart by Megaempress to function as part of her personal guard; Lunaclub was the younger of the two and equipped with the Flame Sword as her personal weapon. Hot-headed and juvenile, she is the least mature of Megaempress' guards. A skilled flier, Lunaclub quickly developed a fixation on Starscream, and stalked the object of her affections.

Lunaclub and her teammates-Megaempress, Moonheart, Flowspade, and Trickdiamond-appeared in shadow after Lynxmaster defeated Grand Galvatron.


  • Unite Warriors Megatronia (2017)
Megatronia is a repaint of Combiner Wars Victorion, minus Rust Dust, and features all new characters. Lunaclub and Moonheart are recolors of Skyburst and Stormclash (both from the Alpha Bravo mold). [1]