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Adaptus, also known in some realities as Amalgamous Prime, is either a member of the Guiding Hand or Thirteen Primes in various branches of the Transformers continuity.


Generation 1

IDW Publishing

This version of Adaptus was one of the five members of the Guiding Hand, given the power of infinite forms. When Mortilus rebelled against his brethren, the injuries Adaptus suffered resulted in him being broken down into a biomechanical component that would prove vital to all Transformers to come: the Transformation cog.

Unicron Trilogy

Fun Publications

In a variation of the Transformers: Armada reality where Vector Prime served as leader of the Autobots, he eventually fell in battle against the monstrous Mogahn the Mass, only to find himself in the Realm of the Primes with his brethren. Adaptus, here a variant of Amalgamous, joined five of the Thirteen in restoring Vector's memories and granting him the knowledge to turn the Cyber Caliber sword into Rhisling, which Vector used to defeat Mogahn. [1]

Aligned Continuity


As revealed in Transformers: The Covenant of Primus, Amalgamous Prime was one of the Thirteen and the first Shifter, a breed of Transformer with the ability to take on infinite alternate forms; other Shifters include Makeshift and Pseudo. He was something of a trickster, though his pranks were harmless, and was one of the free agent Primes. His artifact was the original Transformation cog, which later fell out of his possession.