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Mortilus is a Transformers character featured in several branches of that franchise.


IDW Publishing

In The Transformers, Mortilus was a member of the Guiding Hand, one of the five progenitors of the Transformer race. Mortilus was known as the "Death-bringer," and turned against his brethren out of a desire to conquer the rest of the universe. The resulting conflict between the members of the Guiding Hand resulted in Mortilus' demise, which resulted in the Transformers gaining great longevity. The rest of the Guiding Hand were also badly wounded, and rule of Cybertron passed to the Knights of Cybertron.

Mortilus continued to be revered by some Cybertronians down through the ages, to the point that the villainous Tarantulas was able to persuade Roadbuster to drive a number of Cybertronians to their deaths by impersonating him.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" once suggested the theory that the Dark Spark might be a remnant of Mortilus. [1]


In some realities the Nebulan known as Zarak has the first name of Mortilus, which is sometimes shortened to Mo, though he has other names shortened to this as well in various streams. "Ask Vector Prime" went so far as to suggest that this Zarak might be some embodiment of the Transformer seeking a return to his former state, hence the tendency of various Zaraks to undergo the Headmaster process.[2]