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Rhisling is the sword of Vector Prime in the Transformers franchise, also known-in an alternate form-as the Cyber Caliber.


Unicron Trilogy

Animated series

In Transformers: Cybertron, Rhisling serves as both Vector Prime's main weapon and his means of opening warps from one location to another, with its blade slicing through the very fabric of space and time to enable travel to other locations. It's power was not unlimited, as Gigantion's dampening field prevented Vector from warping to the planet's interior. The sword also aided Vector in traveling through time, presumably as a focus for his inherent powers. After Vector Prime sacrificed himself to enable the Autobots return to their home universe, he later sent Rhisling to Optimus Prime for use in his final battle against Galvatron. The weapon was used to deal a death blow against the leader of the Decepticons; Vector was later seen using it to battle Galvatron as the two were left trapped outside of time.

Fun Publications

Vector Prime also wielded Rhisling in his battle with Ramjet.

Aligned Continuity


In Transformers: Exiles, the Cyber Caliber was featured as a legendary sword kept by Nexus Prime and lent to Optimus Prime for a battle against Megatron on Junkion. Optimus had a sense of having wielded the sword previously, undoubtedly a holdover from his time as one of the Thirteen Primes.

Transformers: Timelines

In "Ask Vector Prime," it was revealed that the Cyber Caliber fell into the position of Mogahn the Mass as some point in time, but was recovered by Vector Prime and reformatted into Rhisling using a technique he had learned from Adaptus. He would then use it to free Mogahn's victims before casting the monstrous being back in time, where his explosive demise contributed to the creation of the universe in which they battled. Vector also revealed that Rhisling would have different properties depending on its wielder, such as possessing elemental abilities in the hands of Alchemist Prime.