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Makeshift is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers series, the latest one being a villainous Decepticon in the Transformers: Prime television series. With the exception of Transformers: Prime, all Makeshifts depicted are Mini-Cons.

Transformers: Armada

Transformers character
Name Makeshift
Japanese name Twist
Series Transformers: Armada
Alternate modes V-22 Osprey/Weapon mode
Motto "When the battle is over our job begins."
Partner Firebot & Prowl
Sub-group Emergency Team, Triple Changers

The first Makeshift is a member of the Emergency Mini-Con team who turns into V-22 Osprey.[1][2]

Makeshift is very selfless, helping others without concern to himself. He has greater than average strength and endurance. He has a great knowledge of human, Transformer and alien physiology.

Dreamwave Productions

Makeshift appeared among the Mini-Cons in issue #18 of the Transformers: Armada comic book by Dreamwave Productions who aided Over-Run using the Mini-Con Matrix in the defeat of Unicron.

Makeshift had a one-page biography in the Armada More Than Meets The Eye series by Dreamwave which helped flesh out his character.


  • Armada Emergengy Mini-Con Team (2003)
A 3 pack with Firebot, Makeshift and Prowl.
  • Armada Emergengy Mini-Con Team redeco (2003)
This toy was released in a redeco set.[3]
  • Micron Legend Emergency Micron X-Dimension (2003)
This toy was repurposed as Shattered Glass Holepunch, the Targetmaster of the Autobot Scoop.

Transformers: Universe

Transformers character
Name Makeshift/Skysickle
Series Transformers: Universe
Alternate modes V-22 Osprey/Weapon mode
Partner Whirl & Gunbarrel/Thunderstick
Sub-group Triple Changers

The second version of Makeshift came packed with Autobot Whirl and the Mini-Con Gunbarrel/Thunderstick. He is known as Skysickle in fiction.[4]

Fun Publications

Skysickle appeared in the text story from Fun Publications called Force of Habit. On the planet Combatron Whirl and his Mini-Cons are met by the Autobots Longrack, Armorhide, Blurr and Checkpoint. Together they defend a weapons bunker from Decepticons led by Brushguard. This toys grants new names to Whirl's two Mini-Cons. Gunbarrel and Makeshift become Thunderstick and Skysickle.[5]


  • Universe Mega Whirl with Gunbarrel and Makeshift (2004)
A repaint of Turbomaster Rotorstorm was released as a homage to Generation 1 Whirl in the Transformers: Universe toy line. He came with two Mini-Con partners, but had no Mini-Con points to connect them.[6]

Transformers: Universe (Armada series)

Transformers character
Universe Mini-Con Class 12 Pack box
Name Makeshift
Series Transformers: Universe
Alternate modes Car
Partner Flatfoot & Heavytread
Rank 7
Sub-group Safeguard Team, Mini-Cons

The third version of Makeshift was part of a 12 pack of Mini-Cons. He is aligned with the Autobots and is part of the Safeguard Team. He turns into a car and is very smart and highly skilled.[7]


  • Universe Mini-Con 12-pack (2008)
A recolor of Robots in Disguise Classics Oil Slick. This mold was also used to make Iron Claw.
  • Universe Mini-Con Makeshift (2009)
The same toy individually packaged for Big Lots! stores.

Transformers: Prime

Transformers character
Name Makeshift
Series Transformers: Prime
English voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson
Sub-group Shifters

Makeshift is a Decepticon Shifter, with the ability to assume the form anything roughly the same mass, even including other robots; this allows him to impersonate them. His true form is only briefly glimpsed in the shadows.


Makeshift (disguised as Hound) appears in the novel Transformers: Exiles.

Animated Series

This fourth version of Makeshift first appeared in the episode "Con Job", where he impersonated the Autobot Wheeljack. He assumed Wheeljack's appearance after Soundwave downloaded his appearance and personal history to infiltrate the Autobot base and reveal its location. However, Bulkhead, Wheeljack's best friend, sensed that something was off and tricked Makeshift into slipping up by making him retell a battle that he wasn't present for. Exposed, Makeshift is forced to take Miko hostage. But just as he activated the Groundbridge for the Decepticons to invade, the real Wheeljack, having broken out of captivity, bursts in and defeats Makeshift. Bulkhead then tossed Makeshift through the Groundbridge, right onto the Decepticon warship Nemesis. But before Makeshift could tell Starscream the location of the Autobot base, the bomb strapped to his hip (which was activated by Wheeljack) exploded, apparently destroying Makeshift.


Note: No toys specifically of Prime Makeshift were ever made, but since he disguised himself Wheeljack, Wheeljack toys can be repurposed as Makeshift.

  • Prime Star Hammer with Wheeljack (2012)
  • Prime Deluxe Wheeljack (2012)
  • Prime Arms Micron Deluxe Wheeljack with Wuji (2012)
A remold of the Deluxe Wheeljack toy with extra 5mm ports and an Arms Micron partner.



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