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Transmutate is a character from the Transformers series, most notably the Beast Wars animated series.


Animated series

Transmutate's debut and sole appearance in the cartoon was in her namesake episode, in which she emerges from a badly damaged Stasis pod with bizarre powers. She is sought after by both the Maximals and Predacons, with both Silverbolt and Rampage regarding her as a precious Spark. Due to the damage she sustained, her body and mind were badly twisted, and many of the Maximals believed it would be best to place her in stasis once again. Rampage then convinced the simple, innocent Transformer to leave the Axalon, considering her and himself to be two of a kind as tortured Sparks. When Silverbolt came to rescue her, Transmutate attempted to prevent her two "friends" from hurting each other, only to be caught in their crossfire and destroyed; seeing Rampage's sorrow over the loss as a mirror to his own, Silverbolt requested that his fellow Maximals leave the Predacon be for the time being.


  • 10 Anniversary Transmutate ()
A figure that could be completed with parts that were available with several of the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary figures.