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Stasis pods are devices in various Science fiction series that serve to keep their inhabitants in a state of suspended animation.



Stasis pods are featured in several branches of the Transformers franchise beginning with Beast Wars, where Protoforms were kept in stasis pods aboard the Axalon and then jettisoned into prehistoric Earth's orbit when the ship became damaged in battle with the Darkside. These pods usually provided some protection for the protoforms from the planet's Energon fields as well as containing equipment that could be used to scan for alternative forms for the protoforms to assume.

In Robots in Disguise, a set of six stasis pods were located in a crashed Autobot ship and reprogrammed by Megatron into his Decepticons.

In Transformers: Animated, Omega Supreme had several stasis pods aboard that his crew used to go into stasis just prior to crash-landing on Earth. Stasis pods were also used to house the protoforms guarded by Yoketron and later stolen by Lockdown before they were delivered to Megatron.

In Transformers: Robots in Disguise, stasis pods are used to house Cybertronian criminals aboard the prison ship Alchemor and were later employed to imprison them after they escaped on Earth.