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For other characters named Shockwave or Mirage, see Shockwave (Transformers) or Mirage (Transformers).

Tidal Wave is a character featured in several Transformers continuities, usually as a massive Decepticon with a water-themed alternate mode.


Unicron Trilogy

Animated series

Tidal Wave (known as Shockwave in Micron Legend) first appears in Transformers: Armada as one of Megatron's minions, notably with the ability to combine with his master and give him additional combat features. Like Magmatron, Tidal Wave also had an alternate mode consisting of three separate pieces-in his case ships-that could function separately or form one massive vessel.

Tidal Wave reappeared with a new design in Transformers: Energon, which in the toyline was described as being the result of overexposure to Energon, though this was not indicated in the show. Along with fellow surviving Decepticons Demolishor and Cyclonus, he helped the Autobots by providing security at one of their mining operations in Earth's solar system. However, after being abducted by Alpha Q's Terrorcons, Tidal Wave was told by Scorponok that they were stealing Energon in order to revive Megatron, when in reality it was aimed at restoring Unicron. After Cyclonus joined their forces, Megatron revived himself by stealing Energon from Unicron, and soon took control of Alpha Q's forces while the Quintesson fled in Unicron's head. Scorponok was also forcibly recruited into their forces, but Tidal Wave-perhaps sensing Scorponok's continued loyalty to Alpha Q-refused to trust him, something that would be repeated when Shockblast and Sixshot joined the group later.

After being severely damaged by the Autobots, Tidal Wave was reformatted into Mirage, and his devotion to Megatron/Galvatron became even more pronounced (due in part to the fact that Mirage was a separate character and female in Superlink, the Japanese version of Energon). At the conclusion of the series his dedication was such that he flew into the Super Energon sun that Galvatron had plunged himself into in order to escape Unicron's manipulation. He was the only Decepticon present at the conclusion of Energon not to reappear in Transformers: Cybertron, most likely because Galaxy Force, its Japanese counterpart, was originally intended as a separate continuity from the previous two series.

Dreamwave Productions


  • Armada Tidal Wave (2003)
A set of three components who can function as separate boats, unite to form a larger craft, or form the arms, torso, and legs of Tidal Wave.
  • Micron Legend Shockwave (2003)
A repaint of Armada Tidal Wave in in purple, orange, and gray coloration.
  • Energon Tidal Wave (2004)
A repaint of the previous two figures in white, blue, and green.
  • Energon Mirage (2004)
Transforms into a Cybertronian boat; was later repainted into Energon Dreadwing and BotCon Banzai-Tron.

Aligned Continuity


In Transformers: Exiles and Transformers: Retribution, the Tidal Wave was the vessel of the Star Seekers led by Thundertron. It trailed the Ark to Velocitron and later to Junkion, before engaging the Nemesis in battle in deep space using the Requiem Blaster. Thundertron's tech spec later indicated that the Tidal Wave eventually found Cybertron and was primed to attack it, but no storyline ever depicted this.


Raise the Flag

The Star Seekers in this continuity also traveled in a ship called the Tidal Wave, but this was a massive Transformer similar in appearance to the Armada character with the addition of an anchor weapon.