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The Requiem Blaster is a powerful weapon featured in the Transformers franchise.


Unicron Trilogy

Animated series

In Transformers: Armada the Requiem Blaster is the combined form of the Space Mini-Con Team, and one of three Mini-Con formed weapons-the others being the Star Saber and Skyboom Shield-sought after by the Autobots, Decepticons, and Unicron's forces.

Aligned Continuity


Transformers: The Covenant of Primus, Transformers: Exiles, and Transformers: Retribution establish the Requiem Blaster as the signature weapon of Megatronus, created at his insistence by Solus Prime. Solus did so with reluctance, not seeing the need for such a powerful weapon and fearing that the Thirteen Primes would be endangered by its possession. After completing and demonstrating it, she called for a vote on whether it should be retained or destroyed, and the Thirteen voted to keep it by a margin of one. Megatronus would subsequently wield it in the battle against Unicron, and in a fit of rage later used the weapon to murder it's creator, Solus. Following the War of the Primes, the blaster was placed aboard a ship and jettisoned into deep space, in the hopes that it would never again be found.

Eventually, the Requiem Blaster's gravity caused a mass of interstellar garbage to form around the ship that carried it, creating the planet Junkion. It was eventually discovered by the Decepticons, who recovered it and affixed it to the Nemesis, briefly making use of it before discovering its tendency to overheat and temporarily lose power and jettisoning it. It was later recovered by the Star Seekers and attached to the Tidal Wave for similar purposes, but after discovering its defects they also cast it aside; it's fate afterwards is unknown.

The Requiem Blaster in this continuity appears to have been inspired in part by Generation 1 Megatron's gun mode, as it has the ability to draw power from black holes, stars, and other stellar phenomena in order to unleash discharges.