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Team Bullet Train is a trio of Autobots from the Robots in Disguise branch of the Transformers franchise.


Animated series

Team Bullet Train were the original Combiner team of the series, often being called upon for various missions that required high speed action.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" revealed a timeline in which Team Bullet Train were tragically replaced by Decepticons due to the Robo-Smasher device, which Megazarak used to implant new Sparks into their forms. Railspike became Astrotrain, Rapid Run was reborn as Steamhammer, and Midnight Express became Cowcatcher, later renamed Loco. Though at least one member of the original team is believed to have managed to take some action against his replacement from beyond the grave, the new personality components proved too deeply ingrained to be displaced, and Defensor was forced to destroy the possessed shells of his comrades. [1]