Swamp of the Scorpion

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Swamp of the Scorpion  
Cover of Swamp of the Scorpion
Author(s) Dave Morris
Illustrator Bob Harvey
Language English
Series Transformers
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Corgi Books
Publication date 1987
Media type Print (Softcover)
Pages 72
ISBN 0552525014
Preceded by Highway Clash
Followed by Desert of Danger

Swamp of the Scorpion is a children's book. It was written by Dave Morris and illustrated by Bob Harvey. It was published in 1987.[1]


You play the part of young Nebulan working on an oil platform near a swamp on Nebulos. Recieving a distress call from the Autobot Highbrow, you must make the decisions to help the Autobot and help defeat the Decepticons.



Autobots Decepticons Nebulans
Highbrow Scorponok Zarak
Skullcruncher Grax
Snapdragon Krunk



  • Skullcruncher and Highbrow are featured on the cover of the book.
  • Although they do not appear in the story, the Autobot Brainstorm and the Nebulans Arcana and Gort are mentioned by Highbrow.
  • The book incorrectly describes Skullcruncher as being one of the Headmaster Horricons.
  • This book has 10 different possible endings.


  1. Morris, Dave (1987). Swamp of the Scorpion. Corgi Books. ISBN 0552525014. 

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