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The Steelhaven is a fictional Autobot spacecraft from Transformers series.

Transformers: Generation 1

First appearance The Transformers: Headmasters #4 by Marvel Comics
Affiliation Autobots

In the Generation 1 universe, the Steelhaven is a lance-shaped Autobot starship.

In the Marvel comics series the ship was under the command of Autobot leader Fortress Maximus and was used to find a peaceful planet for he and his Autobots (which included the Autobot Headmasters, Targetmasters and Technobots) to escape to from the war on Cybertron. The ship was followed by Scorponok and his Decepticon crew. Both groups ended up travelling to Nebulos, where they deveolped the Headmaster technology.[1]

It made a second trip to Nebulos when Fortress Maximus sent Goldbug and a small crew to rebuild Optimus Prime.[2]


The original crew of the Steelhaven, as depicted in the Headmasters comic included:

In later issues of the Transformers series other members of the crew were revealed, these included:

Transformers Animated

Affiliation Autobots

The Steelhaven is used by the Autobot Elite Guard to travel.[3] It is similar to the ship of Optimus Prime's crew, only larger and light blue in color; this is due to the fact that the Steelhaven is also a dormant Omega Sentinel, Sigma Supreme. It has an impressive suite of defenses to keep intruders out.[4]

Ultra Magnus and the Autobot Elite Guard landed with this ship in Detroit. The ship made its first appearance when the Elite Guard first came to Earth to look for Optimus Prime and his crew. On orders from Ultra Magnus, Sentinel Prime activated the ship's forcefield to quarantine it against the humans of Earth. It however was no match for Sari's AllSpark-powered key.

After the revelation that Detroit was host to numerous scattered AllSpark fragments, Ultra Magnus stayed on board, ready to report any "supposed" Decepticon activity directly to Cybertron Command. Optimus and Sentinel Prime reported to Magnus about the reported Decepticon activity, which itself was a trick by the Headmaster to get Sentinel's body, though Optimus stretched the truth on his behalf. Soon Magnus received a report from his agent Ironhide who was stationed on the rim of the galaxy. While under heavy fire, Ironhide informed Magnus that the Decepticon were growing bolder and attacking remote Autobot colonies and space bridges. Magnus made preparations for the ship to leave Earth.

The ship's forcefields were shown not to penetrate below the ground, which allowed the cloaked Decepticons to tunnel beneath it and steal the ship's subspace transmitter. After finding out that Optimus was telling the truth about the Decepticons, the Elite Guard flew the ship back to Cybertron to defend it from their enemies.

On its way back, the Decepticon captive Starscream broke out of the vessel and headed back for Earth. Due to the theft of the transmitter, the Elite Guard were unable to contact the Autobots on Earth about it until they landed on Cybertron.


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