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Transformers character
Generation 1 Grotusque box
Voiced by

Brenton Eschman (fan dubs)
Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Giant robotic winged tiger.

Military Strategist

"If it ain't fun to do, it ain't worth doing."

Transformers: Generation 1

Tech specs

ST07 IN09 SP04 EN06

RN08 CO10 FB07 SK10

Grotusque is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is an Autobot military strategist who turns into a giant robotic winged tiger.

Transformers: Generation 1

Fictional biography

He says that nothing frightens him, except when he looks in the mirror. He thinks that everything is a big joke and acts accordingly, even during battle. Goofy, irreverent, sometimes annoying... but a top-notch warrior. In robot mode, wields a vaporator which gassifies a target's fuel, leaving it inopertive. In creature mode, has indestructible tusks. Flies at 45 mph, can leap 3 miles at a time.

Animated series

Transformers Headmasters UFP

Repugnus appeared in the Transformers Headmasters UFP episode "Rebellion on Animatros" where he was voiced by Brenton Eschman.[1]


3H Enterprises

The first four pages of Transformers: Universe - Wreckers #4 were finished and printed in issue #16 of the Transformers Collectors Club magazine. The Monsterbots were among the patrons of a bar on spaceport CSSB-16 when it was being visited by Devcon and the Beast Machine Dinobots.

Marvel Comics

Introduced in the Headmasters four-issue miniseries, the three Monsterbots joined with Fortress Maximus and other like-minded Autobots who wanted to leave Cybertron in order to escape the war on the planet. Relocating to the world of Nebulos, they were followed by Scorponok's Decepticon forces, who began wreaking havoc on the planet after members of both factions bonded to Nebulan natives as "Headmasters". Attempting to defend Nebulos's beautiful Mercury Gardens against a Decepticon attack, the Monsterbots were overpowered by the Decepticon Headmasters and forced to retreat. They later departed Nebulos with the rest of Maximus’s team and were integrated into the larger Autobot army on Earth.

In issue #41 he was part of a select greeting party involved in the first meeting with the Ark's crew. He was introduced as Fortress Maximus' information officer.

Grotueque last appeared in issue #76, in a story called "The Still Life".

Transformers: Mosaic

Grotusque appeared in the Transformers: Mosaic story "Discrete Conduct" by Luke Barnett.[2]


  • Generation 1 Monsterbot Grotusque (1987)
The Grotusque toy could shoot sparks from his mouth if you flicked a switch on his back.


  1. "Rebellion on Animatros". Written by Justin Devine. Transformers Headmasters UFP. January 4th, 2010. No. 5, season 1.

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