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Spacewarp is a female Decepticon from the Transformers franchise.


Unicron Trilogy

The Sky Shadow toy released in the Transformers: Cybertron line had Spacewarp as one of its proposed names, another being Octane. [1]

Fun Publications

Spacewarp is a space captain who wears the Decepticon emblem but doesn't sympathize much with Megatron's quest for domination, preferring to take missions from such individuals as Omega Trion. Her companions include four Mini-Cons: Foldspace and the Interstellar Marauders Team of Boom Tube, Starburst, and Jump Drive; the latter four were at one point trapped in their Transwarp Blaster form, which Spacewarp won in a game of chance against such notables as Imperious Delirious. Vector Prime engaged her on one occasions, and she possessed the ability to follow him through time and shifting reality. [2] Spacewarp eventually took over as a guest host for "Ask Vector Prime" before receiving her own Q&A column on Facebook, "Spacewarp's Log."

Spacewarp's recorded adventures eventually ended after they detected Galaxy Shuttle being attacked by Parthinian Raiders and came to his aid, subsequently taking on his mission to investigate a transdimensional signature on Parthus. They soon discovered its source, a massive structure containing a portion of the essence of a being called Physis that had been separated from the rest of its being by Nexus Prime's recent division of the multiverse and was dying. Seeking to prevent anyone from exploiting its remains, it pleaded with Spacewarp to finish it off, which she did with some reluctance. As a thank you, the fragment of Physis opened a portal back to Spacewarp's home reality, leaving her with the option to return home or remain in the Axiom Nexus universe, possibly forever. [3]

Generation 1


  • Universe Spacewarp with Mini-Cons (unreleased)
A repaint of Armada Jetfire with repaints of the Space Mini-Con Team; it was scrapped, though later inspired another reuse of that mold as Astrotrain.
  • TFSS 5.0 Double Pretender Megatron with Spacewarp
A repaint of Generations Payload that comes with the Double Pretender Megatron shell.


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