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Override is the name of four fictional characters from the Transformers series. The first Override was an Autobot scout who turned into a motorcycle who was introduced in 1988. A second character named Override was introduced in 2005 as part of the Transformers: Cybertron series, who was an adaptation of the character Nitro Convoy from the anime series Transformers: Galaxy Force. Since then two other minor Transformers have also shared the name Override. One was a toy from the Transformers film line and the other a minor character in a Transformers book.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Generation 1 Override box art
Name Override
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Alternate modes Cybertronian motorcycle
Function Scout
Motto "Let your actions do your talking and no one will misunderstand you."
Rank 6
Sub-group Triggerbots

The first Override was a member of the Autobot Triggerbots in the Generation 1 stories.

Fictional biography

A proud, loud, two-wheeled fighting machine. Enjoys tearing up roads and shooting up Decepticons. Doesn't know the meaning of the word "muffler". Roars into battle with his guns blazing. Equipped with armored, reinforced windshield that's able to withstand direct enemy bombardment. Also armed with twin, side-mounted, armor-piercing, particle beam cannons.


Dreamwave Productions

Override was among the Autobot resistance during the Age of Interment, shown in the third War Within series.

IDW Publishing

Override was among the Autobots who took Omega Supreme for repairs after he was injured by Monstructor in Spotlight: Optimus Prime.

Marvel Comics

Released in 1988, Override never appeared in the television series (which ended in 1987), but was featured in a few stories of the Marvel Transformers comic books. His most notable role was in the "Matrix Quest" storyline. Override was eventually killed in the Marvel G.I. Joe comics series. He was a member of an Autobot party sent to delay a newly revived Megatron on Earth. Override was ripped in half by Megatron during combat with the Decepticon leader.

  • Appearances in the Transformers (Marvel US) Comic:
Transformers #46 - "Cash and Car-nage" [1]
Transformers #48 - "The Underbase Saga, Part 2"
Transformers #63 - "Kings of the Wild Frontier" -(In the same issue, his Transformers Universe profile is featured.)


  • Generation 1 Triggerbot Override (1988)
A new mold.

Transformers: Cybertron

Transformers character
Cybertron Override toy
Name Override/Override GTS
Japanese name Nitro Convoy
Series Transformers: Cybertron
English voice actor Lisa Ann Beley
Japanese voice actor Jin Domon
Alternate modes Velocitronian Racer
Function Sonic Commander
Motto "I speed with the very truth, and that speed is justice!"
Rank 9 (Hasbro), 10 (Takara)
Sub-group Convoys, Deluxe Vehicles, Female Transformers

The second Override is an Autobot leader from the planet Velocitron in the Unicron Trilogy stories.

Fictional biography

Long-time champion and leader of the Speed Planet, Override is always ready for a race. Acceleration is her only ideal, but she respects anyone with the guts to challenge her. She's faced and beaten thousands of upstart speedsters in her time. Though at first suspicious of the intentions Hot Shot and the Autobots have for her world's Cyber Planet Key, Override is only too glad to help once she realizes what's at stake.

Animated series

In Transformers: Cybertron, Override is the leader of Velocitron, the Speed Planet. She is the holder of the Planet Cup (in reality the world's Cyber Planet Key) which marks her as the fastest racer on the planet. The culture on Velocitron is focused entirely on racing, and when both Megatron and the Autobots appealed to her to give them the Cyber Planet Key, she equally dismissed the Autobots' claims of needing it for a greater good and Megatron's that the Autobots were an evil organization, and insisted that if either side wanted it, then they'd have to race her for it.

Dirt Boss won the second qualifying round for the Great Race in episode #16, "Detour", with Hot Shot coming in second and Override coming third. In the episode Champion she was beaten by Hot Shot and became an Autobot and placed the Cyber Planet Key into the Omega Lock.

In the episode "Unfinished", when the Autobots attempted to use a gigantic rocket to move the Animatros back into its orbit, Galvatron attacked and damaged the rocket. The jungle planet threatened to crash into Cybertron. Scourge, the Autobots, the former Decepticons, and their allies from the various planets were able to combine their strength and move the rocket back into place.

In the final episode of Transformers: Cybertron, Optimus Prime (Galaxy Convoy) proposed a new Space Bridge project using the power of the four Cyber Planet Keys and the four great Cybertronian ships. Many Autobots and former Decepticons joined in the project. Override lead the Ogygia (Mu) and Velocitron Cyber Planet Key with Brakedown, Quickmix and Stripmine.

In Transformers: Galaxy Force, the Japanese version of Cybertron, Override is named Nitro Convoy, and is a male character. Nitro Convoy is one of the five Convoys in the Galaxy Force line. A special limited black edition of Nitro Convoy was released in Japan in 2005. As with "Nemesis Breaker", "Dark Nitro Convoy" is intended to be an evil doppelganger created by Megatron.

Fun Publications

The Fun Publications exclusive comic story, Revelations part 6, is set after the defeat of Galvatron but before Optimus Prime's mission to start a new Space Bridge project. In this story the Autobots from the comic series meet the Autobots from the animated series (including Override) and thank each other while remembering those who were lost in the battles. Override promises to make a memorial for the supposedly fallenSkyfall on Velocitron.

Blurr, Excellion, Longrack, and Swerve appeared among Override's troops in the Transformers Collectors Club exclusive story The Dark Heart of Sandokan by Benson Yee. This story is set years after the events of the Transformers: Cybertron animated series. Override (now in her GTS form) was commanding the Autobot ship Star Arrow when it crashed on the planet Sandokan while transporting a Force Chip.


Override appeared in the Transformers: Mosaic story "The Thrill of Victory" by Master Fwifflo.[2]


  • Hasbro Transformers Cybertron Deluxe Override
This figure was announced by Hasbro in February 2005. [3]
The release of Override in Cybertron Deluxe wave 3.5 was packaged with a DVD containing the third episode of Transformers: Cybertron, called "Hidden". Oddly, she did not appear in that episode. Early concept art of Override shown at Botcon 2006 showed a different color scheme that was considered for the character. It was a mixture of blacks, silver, gold and dark red. [4]
Like most toys sold in the Galaxy Force toy line by Takara, then later in the Cybertron toy line by Hasbro, there are small paint differences between the two versions of the toy. The Hasbro version has a code number on the back of his Cyber Key, while the Takara version has no number on his Force Chip. [5]
Override was released by herself, as well as packaged with the Mini-Con Mirage and a Tiny Tin as a promotional item at Walmart stores.
In 2006 a Target store exclusive 2 pack called the Drag Race Pack included Cybertron Hot Shot and Override.
  • Galaxy Force Deluxe Dark Nitro Convoy
A Japanese exclusive redeco of Nitro Convoy in a black, purple and teal color. [6]
  • Cybertron Deluxe Override GTS (2006)
In 2006 Hasbro released a recolor of Override called Override GTS. It was supposed to represent an upgrade to Override after the end of the television series. The tech spec numbers for Override GTS have higher speed, endurance and firepower stats than the regular version. [7]
In 2006 a special edition of Override GTS was available in Walmart stores which contained a DVD with the episode "Cybertron" as a promotional item - despite the fact that she wasn't in that episode as Override GTS.
This toy was repurposed as Shattered Glass Elita One.


Transformers character
Transformers Overide toy
Name Override
Series Transformers
Alternate modes Sports car
Sub-group Female Transformers, Legends

The third Override is a Decepticon who turns into a car in the Transformers live action film stories. Override transforms into a sports car, so it comes as no surprise that she's impressively fast. Her intelligence, firepower and durability may be mediocre, but she makes up for it with her incredible bravery.


  • Transformers Legends Override (2010)
Part of the second wave of 2010 Transformers Legends Class product, Override is a mainly blue recolor of Revenge of the Fallen Sideways, transforming into a modified-to-avoid-licensing-fees Audi R8.

Aligned Continuity

Transformers character
Name Override
Series Transformers: Prime
First appearance Transformers: Exiles
Alternate modes Velocitronian car
Sub-group Female Transformers

Override hails from the planet Velocitron, where she is one of the two leaders of the planet. She is based of her Cybertron namesake.


Override appears in the novel Transformers: Exiles.

Animated series

Override is also mentioned in an episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots, where Blurr pretends to be racing her and Racemaster.


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