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Broken Reflection
High-Que and Bolt-Action box
Publication information
Created by MasterShooter Collectibles
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Member(s) High-Que and Bolt-Action

High-Que and Bolt-Action are fictional characters and third-party Transformers homages to Hi-Q and Firebolt made by MasterShooter Collectibles in 2013.

MasterShooter Collectibles

High-Que and Bolt-Action are a third-party Transformer homage to the Transformers characters Hi-Q and Firebolt. They are intended as partners to Shattered Glass Optimus Prime and Rodimus.


MasterShooter Collectibles announced the Broken Reflection set on their Facebook page in August 2013.[1]

High-Que and Bolt-Action were released at Charticon 2013.

Fictional biography

The trans-dimensional rift ripped by the Unicorn did not close after Brown-King came through. The evil Automated Robots found this portal and sent their best allies though. They are meant to team up with the evil Automated Robots already here. The Evil Leader and Cold Rod were a dangerous threat before, but now they will be high unstoppable. High-Que's vast computing abilities and Bolt-Action's enthusiasm for destruction will be valuable assets.


  • MasterShooter Collectibles Broken Reflection High-Que and Bolt-Action (2013)
High-Que and Bolt-Action share the a common design with most of the ShooterMaster toys, although designed specifically to homage Hi-Q and Firebolt. Turn from robots to guns. Comes with connector two adapters.
A Charticon 2013 exclusive. High-Que and Bolt-Action were limited to 35 sets. They were initially sold Charticon, with 21 remaining sold online after the convention.



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