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Transformers character
Generation 1 Powermaster Optimus Prime with Hi-Q box
Name Hi-Q
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Alternate modes Engine
Gender Male
Partner Optimus Prime
Sub-group Powermasters

Hi-Q is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a Nebulan and the Powermaster partner to Optimus Prime.

Transformers: Generation 1

Fictional biography

Optimus Prime is binary-bonded to Hi-Q, a humanoid whose genius in computer programming and design was renowned on his home planet of Nebulos. There he ran the Hi-Q Industrial Research Complex, a facility that produced many of the technological innovations that had, over the past few decades, dramatically improved the quality of life for his people. While trying to help several Autobots rebuild Optimus Prime, he made the decision to join the Autobots and defend Nebulos against a Decepticon attack. To do so, he and several of his employees underwent The Powermaster Process, which, through bio-engineering, gave them the ability to transform into the engines that their Autobot partners required to power their fight against the Decepticons. Hi-Q was paired with Optimus Prime. So far their collaborative efforts have met with great success.


Fun Publications

Wings of Honor

On Nebulos the Autobots discover security footage that Runabout and Runamuck kidnapped Hi-Q. Later Jhiaxus proudly displays his new "second generation" creations to Hi-Q.[1]

Marvel Comics

Optimus Prime's personality had been copied onto a floppy disk by Ethan Zachary, the technician running the game. He employed Prime in various video game scenarios he developed. Prime's damaged mind led him to believe that he himself was a video game character and, in an attempt to bring him back to life, Goldbug, Joyride, Slapdash, and Getaway took the disk to the planet Nebulos. They built a new body for Optimus Prime and upgraded it with the ability to combine with the trailer to form a larger robot. In an effort to keep Transformers off their planet, the Nebulans had poisoned their fuel. The sensation of dying, however, convinced Prime that he was truly alive and not a game character. To save his life, the Nebulan scientist Hi-Q bonded with him, creating Powermaster Optimus Prime.

Prime returned to Earth and tried to rekindle his feeling for the planet. After a battle between his forces and an advance force from Cybertron ruined a small town's Christmas festivities, he realized that bringing the Transformers to Earth was far worse than anything his troops could have done and vowed to protect its inhabitants from Decepticon aggression.[2]

Optimus Prime's first action as leader was to ally the Autobots with Scorponok's Decepticons to defeat Starscream, who had acquired the power of the Underbase.

Prime and his Autobots later battled a murderous mechanoid named Deathbringer, a creation of the Matrix.

Later, the Transformers were all transported to Cybertron by Primus to battle Unicron. Although Unicron had tainted the Matrix after killing Thunderwing, Prime managed to reacquire and purify the Matrix. Prime then sacrificed his life one more time to destroy Unicron by plunging the Matrix into his maw. The Powermaster process, however, had been working to fully bond Prime and Hi-Q. Prime's death completed the process, and the two minds and souls became one. Hi-Q's biomechanical body was stripped down and reconstructed by the Last Autobot, resurrecting Optimus Prime once more with the two minds now one. Prime rejoined the other Transformers on the planet Klo and routed Bludgeon's Decepticons.


  • Timelines Double Pretender Optimus Prime with Hi-Q (unreleased)
A repaint/retool of the Double Pretender Oilmaster set, with Hi-Q as a redeco of Generations Swerve.


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