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Gali Peleg is tha maternal aunt of Israeli-Italian orphan Eitan Biran.[1] On May 5, 2021, Gali's sister Tal Biran, her husband, her nephews Eitan and Tom, and two of her grandparents were passengers in cable car, in Piedmont, Italy, when it was struck by a disaster. Her nephew, Eitan, was the sole survivor, when the cable car collapsed.

At first Gali and her side of the family agreed that her brother-in-law's sister, Aya Biran would assume custody.[1] Like her brother-in-law, Aya was a medical doctor, living in Italy, who spoke the Italian language.

Gali would later claim her side of the family had only agreed for Aya to assume custody temporarily.[1] She claimed her sister Tal had always planned to return to Israel and raise her sons in Israel. She voiced the concern that if Eitan stayed with Aya he would attend a Catholic school, and learn to celebrate Christmas, instead of Jewish religious festivals.


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