Eitan Biran

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Eitan Biran
Born 2015 (age 5–6)
Nationality Israel, Italy
Known for subject of an international custody dispute

Eitan Biran is a child, with both Italian and Israeli citizenship, who was the sole survivor of a cable car disaster, in Italy.[1] In May, 2021, Biran was injured, and his parents, his brother, two great-grandparents, and nine other passengers, were killed, when a cable car plunged to the ground.[2] The Cable car had almost reached its destination, a peak overlooking Lake Maggiore, in Piedmont, when a technical failure saw it plunge 60 feet to the ground, and then tumble down the slope.

Biran's survival is attributed to his father wrapping him in his arms, to protect him, and is widely described as a miracle.[3][4][5]

Italian authorities were not immediately able to determine Biran's identity.[1] Biran's aunt, Aya Biran, who, like Biran and his parents, was a resident of Italy, was granted custody of Biran, shortly after the accident.[6] However, his maternal grandfather, Schmulik Peleg, challenged this custody arrangement.[7] He planned to bring the boy to Israel, to adopt him.[8] During a visit with Biran, in September 2021, his grandfather Peleg, defied a court order that required Biran to remain in Italy, and took the boy to Israel.[9] His seizure was a contravention to an international agreement on the rights of children.

Biran's parents were Israelis, and he was born in Israel, but his family traveled to Italy, when he was two months old, so his father could attend medical school. Biran spoke Italian, and had lived his life in Italy, until he grandfather seized him.

In September 2021 an Israeli court convened to decide who should get custody.[10][9] On October 25, 2021, the Israeli court awarded custody to Biran's paternal aunt, Aya, and directed Peleg to pay her legal expenses.[11]


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