Aya Biran

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Aya Biran
Born Israel
Nationality Israel
Other names Aya Biran-Nirko
Known for won custody of her nephew, when her brother and sister-in-law died in a tragic accident

Aya Biran is an Israeli doctor, living in Italy, who found herself at the heart of a controversy, when her brother, and sister-in-law died in a tragic accident, in May 2021, and an Italian court awarded her custody of her five-year-old nephew, Eitan Biran.[1] Eitan was the sole survivor of the cable car disaster that killed his parents, baby brother, and two of his great-grandparents.

Eitan's maternal grandfather, Schmulik Peleg, and maternal aunt, Gali Peleg, challenged her custody of Eitan.[2] Further, when Schmulik had a scheduled excursion with Eitan he defied an Italian court order, and took him out of Italy. He drove him to Switzerland, and then flew him to Israel, where he asked an Israeli court to award custody to his side of the family.

An Israeli court did consider the issue of custody of the boy.[3] and supported the Italian court, and ordered him to be returned to Aya. It further ordered Schmulik to pay Aya's legal expenses.

Aya and her husband, Or Nirko, have two daughters.



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