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Machine Robo character
Doublerock toy in box
First appearance

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 20, "The Man From Gandora", November 13th, 1986
Created by

Voiced by

Kenichi Ono[1]
Japanese name

Release number

Aliases Logu
Species Rock People
Occupation Warrior


Gandora Rock People
Alternate mode

Coal rock

Doublerock is a fictional character from the Machine Robo series. He is an evil two-headed member of the Gandora Rock People introduced in 1986.

Machine Robo

Doublerock is a barbaric two-headed member of the Gandora Rock People. He often operates with fellow evil Rock People Devilrock and Geigerrock. His weapon of choice is his Plasma Thunder Mace, but he sometimes carries a shoulder mounted missile launcher. He also has a Bomber Punch, Heat Beam and a Freeze Beam (which fires from his right mouth). He can turn into a large rock of coal and if shattered he can reform. He can fly, teleport and pass though solid soil rock with ease. Because of his mechanoid nature, Doublerock does not need to breath oxygen. Like most Rock People he is probably immune to the effect of acid and intense magnetic fields which adversely affect metal mechanoids. He stands 6 feet tall and weighs 1.2 tons. He occasionally pilots a Rock Commander craft.


Animated series

Doublerock first appeared in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 20, "The Man From Gandora", although he did very little besides stand behind Devilrock and Geigerrock during a fight and disappearing just as Rom Stol arrived.[2]

Doublerock with his Plasma Thunder Mace in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 21, "Angel of the Mind, Vikung-Fu - Protect"

Devilrock, Doublerock and Geigerrock appeared in episode 21, "Angel of the Mind, Vikung-Fu - Protect". Members of the Gandora forces that took control of the population of Cleo City. The three were attacked by Rom Stol, but he was quickly overpowered with Wiseman's powers. Although Rom and his companions were temporarily subdued by Wiseman, once they were freed Rod Drill tackled Doublerock and threw him into his two fellow rock Rock People. Blue Jet slashed the three evil Rock People with his sword. Once they three realized the people of the city were free and fighting back, they retreated.[3]

Geigerrock, Doublerock and Devilrock pilot their Rock Commanders in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 22, "Rockdon Versus Rockgilen"

In episode 22, "Rockdon Versus Rockgilen" Devilrock, Doublerock and Geigerrock were among the Gandora who enslaved a Rock People village and woke Rockdon.[4]

Doublerock appeared in episode 24, "Gather All Machine Robo". Devilrock, Doublerock and Geigerrock followed Kendo Robo into the desert in his quest to recover ammunition for his city.[5]

In episode 27, "The Magic Mountain Knight Maskrock" Devilrock, Doublerock and Geigerrock spied on the team lead by Rom Stol on their way back to Yamalin City.

Devilrock, Doublerock and Geigerrock appeared in episode 30 "Spew Fire, Big Blaze Cannon". Doublerock's attempt to capture Reina Stol and use his Freeze Beam on her resulted in him being shot by Pro Truck Racer. When Doublerock regrouped with the Gandora forces he attempted to get revenge on an unarmed Pro Truck Racer, but Doublerock was shot in the face by Blue Jet before he could lay on a hand on Pro Truck Racer.[6]

In episode 31, "The Curse of the Demon Sword Medusa", Battle Robo and Skyline Robo retreated into the desert after being caught in a Gandora trap. The pair were ambushed by Devilrock and Doublerock, but were saved by Tough Trailer.

Devilrock, Doublerock and Devil Satan 6 attack in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 34, "Vikung-Fu Disappears In Space"

Devilrock and Doublerock appeared in episode 34, "Vikung-Fu Disappears In Space" as part of the Gandora attack force.

In episode 35, "The Secret of the Jewel People", Devilrock and Doublerock pursued Magnarock until Rom and Pro Truck Racer intervened. He was part of the force lead by Diondora that attempted to kidnap Rubyman, but failed.[7]

In episode 38, "Raise Your Gun Helitranser", Rom Stol lead a team which attempted to ambush Devil Satan 6 members Gillhead and Barabat in the city streets, but it ended up being a trap set by Ashura and many Gandora, including Doublerock. Doublerock aided Diondora in searching for an artifact near a waterfall when the group was attacked by a team lead by Rom Stol. Doublerock was split in half with a sword by Blue Jet.

Doublerock last appeared in episode 44, "Cronos' Last Battle". During the final battle with the Gandora Doublerock was among the crew of the Gandora mothership and reported that they cost contact with Gades and Diondora. He worried if this kept up their would not be able to hold on. The Gandora troops surrendered soon after.[8]

Note: In the series Doublerock was colored more like his Rock Lord counterpart Sticks 'N Stones. In some English subtitles of the series he is called Logu.


  • Bandai Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos MRGR-3 Doublerock (1986)
A new mold by Bandai. Turns form robot to coal rock. Comes with his Plasma Thunder Mace.
Shares a mold with Rock Lords Sticks 'N Stones.



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