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Dinominions art
Universe Keith's Fantasy Club fictional universe
Key people Backslash, Break, Fate, Fullstop, Numlock, Shift and Strikethrough
Affiliations RoBots
Enemies RoCons

The Dinominions is a team of seven fictional characters and third-party Transformers created by Chris Frayne and made into toys by Keith's Fantasy Club. They are original characters inspired by the forms of various prehistorc reptile microcassette Generation 1 Transformers.

Keith's Fantasy Club

The Dinominions are a team of seven heroic RoBots who turn from microcassettes to robotic prehistoric reptiles.

Break is unrelated to the Transformers character of the same name.


A picture of the Dinominions was first posted to the Deviant Art web site by Chris Frayne in 2012.[1] These characters were used as the basis for a set of toys made by Keith's Fantasy Club. Chris Frayne provided the box art and biographies for the toys.

Fictional biographies


Motto: "Peace and quiet are the two things I can't find."

Function: Scout

Biography: Backslash switches loudly between his Stegosaurus and cassette modes - his vibrating pulsatium back plates grinding against each other as he does so. He's a grumpy little mechanoid who seems to hate everything and everyone. What he really wants is to be left alone, and he's thankful that the scouting role he was given means he gets to spend most of his time on his own, away from the loud mechs he's been teamed with.

Abilities: Backslash's Stegosaurus mode has pulsatium blades along its back that he can use to cut through whatever he finds above him. He carries twin thermal lances that project beams of superheated gas that can melt armor straight off a RoCon.

Weaknesses: Backslash is a loud mechanoid and this can often give his position away when on covert missions.


Motto: "Battle battle battle, yeah yeah yeah!"

Function: Defender

Biography: Break loves life and bounds around the base or battlefield like an excited puppy, crashing into and destroying whatever isn't welded down. He'll charge full speed at any RoCon he sees and either gore them with his horns or toss them up in the air and fire a missile or two at them.

Abilities: Break is a tough, durable mechanoid with durillium ramming horns and armor plating. His densely packed internal systems make him heavier than he looks and it takes a lot to stop him once he reaches his top speed. Break carries two weapons packs that fire explosive photon missiles

Weaknesses: Break has a habit of knocking RoBots out of his way to get at RoCons.


Motto: "If I've seen you, you're already beaten."

Function: Surveillance

Biography: Fate glides silently through the air in his Pterodactyl mode, scanning the horizon for RoCon activity. He knows that he is the eyes of the team, and just one word from him means that they'll be ready to attack whatever he's seen. He almost feels sorry for the RoCons he encounters - he just cannot comprehend a situation in which they'll win.

Abilities: Fate's Pterodactyl mode is fitted with night vision optics, silent running systems and visual dampeners similar to the RoCon cassette Tri-Jag. He carries twin pulse blasters and merges with Numlock to form Mixtape.

Weaknesses: Fate can become confused when things aren't going his way. He is most effective under the cover of darkness but stands out in a sunlit sky.


Motto: "I don't end sentences, I start them."

Function: Security

Biography: Fullstop is a serious mech who has little or no time for fun and games. He knows that war is dangerous, and just because you're not in a battle doesn't mean you're not in danger. He's a naturally suspicious mech who gives trust only once it's earned.

Abilities: Fullstop's Apatosaurus mode is large and heavy enough to smash reinforced support beams with a swipe of its tail. In his cassette mode he can override and shutdown any system he's inserted into. He carries two ion cannon and merges with Shift to form Reelthing.

Weaknesses: Fullstop is not an agile mech. He can often fall over if he attempts to turn quickly whilst running, damaging himself and his weapons.


Motto: "00101010"

Function: Encryption

Biography: Numlock thinks, and talks, in riddles. This wouldn't be so bad, but due to electromagnetic damage sustained long ago, Numlock can only communicate in binary. He is driven crazy by the teams inability to understand him and will often bite anything he can in an attempt to relieve this frustration.

Abilities: Numlock is Tyrannosaurus Rex and has the razor edged teeth and biting strength you'd expect of such a beast. He is highly intelligent with an analytical mind that can crack codes and solve puzzles with ease. He carries twin double-barrelled Shatterguns that fire charged shards of metal and merges with Fate to form Mixtape.

Weaknesses: Numlock is highly intelligent, but has difficulty communicating this to his team mates. They just see him as an angry mech who goes around biting things.



Function: Messenger

Biography: Shift seems to make up for his lack of intellect with aggression. He also makes up for his smaller size with aggression too. All in all, Shift is quite an aggressive little mech and many RoCons will back this claim and have the scars to prove it.

Abilities: Shift has a Velociraptor robot mode that is very quick and agile with razor sharp teeth and claws able to tear chunks of armor off an opponent. He carries twin machine guns that fire high explosive rounds and merges with Fullstop to form Reelthing.

Weaknesses: Shift is the smallest of the team and lacks the stopping power of mechs like Break and Fullstop.


Motto: "The only predictable thing about me is my unpredictability."

Function: Espionage

Biography: Strikethrough has decided to embrace the reputation of larger RoBot Dino-mechs and go with it. He seems to worship them and tries to be as destructive as possible. He even rues the fact that he can't carry an energo-sword like they do.

Abilities: Strikethrough gets his name from the heat tempered durillium breaching spike on his Ceratosaurus mode's nose. He uses it to smash through bulkheads, alongside his thermal edged teeth and claws. He carries two armor piercing missile launchers.

Weaknesses: He may want to live up to the RoBot Dino-mech's reputation, but Strikethrough lacks the size and skill to do so. He walks the walk, but rarely talks the talk.


Motto: "Even the strongest body is useless when the mind is weak."

Function: Warrior

Biography: Mixtape, as his name suggests, is one mixed up little mech. He suffers from a faulty coupling when he merges, meaning that more often than not he'll have his bipedal Cyber mode, but retain either one of his donor-bots personalities. When his couplings do merge seamlessly, Mixtape is a highly professional soldier and an excellent fighter.

Abilities: Mixtape has above average strength for a mech of his size, and when merged correctly, above average intelligence too. He is an accomplished marksman when using Numlock's shattercannons, and is a good melee fighter too should the need arise.

Weaknesses: Unfortnately for Mixtape, he spends most of his time in battle possessing either the personality of Fate or Numlock. This means he can be found running around the battlefield flapping his arms as if flying, or trying to bite anyone that crosses his path.


Motto: "I'm better than the sum of my parts."

Function: Warrior

Biography: If you didn't know it by looking at him, you'd never know that Reelthing was merged from Fullstop and Shift. He's such an aloof mechanoid with a strong disdain of 'primitive' alternate modes that he can barely contain his anger at the fact that he is created by two of them. He is driven to be as good as possible at whatever he does, in an attempt to distance himself from the two of them.

Abilities: Reelthing is incredibly strong for his size and can lift and carry great weights. He can use Shift's twin machine guns and can also deploy swiping claws for close quarters combat.

Weaknesses: Reelthing is an unpopular mech amongst his team mates. No one likes him or his attitude - not even the jovial Break.


  • Keith's Fantasy Club Dinominions (unreleased)
Backslash is a recolor of Haymaker in grey. He turns from Stegosaurus to microcassette.
Break is a recolor of the KFC Slag homage in gold. Turns from Triceratops to microcassettes.
Fate is a recolor of Reverb. Turns from robotic pterosaur to microcassette. Combines with Numlock to form Mixtape.
Fullstop is a recolor of the KFC Zaur homage in grey. Combines with Shift to form Reelthing.
Numlock is a recolor of Resound in red. Combines with Fate to form Mixtape.
Shift is a recolor of the KFC Dial homage. Combined with Fullstop to form Realthing.
Strikethrough is a recolor of Overslay in red. Turns from Ceratosaurus to microcassette.


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