Cold Calculations

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"Cold Calculations"
Centurions episode
"Cold Calculations" title screen
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 15
Written by Kayte Kuch
Episode chronology
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"Return of Captain Steele"

Cold Calculations is an episode of the Centurions animated television series originally aired on October 3rd, 1986.


A truck containing some of the Earth's dwindling supply of silver is guarded by the Centurions on its way to Geneva. It soon comes under attack from a group of snowmobilers with lasers. The Centurions stop and capture them, but Jake's Fireforce system has been video recorded by Amber Terror and Hacker. Later, Amber disguises herself as Jake with Fireforce, and together with Hacker, steals the silver for Doc Terror's experiments. A vacationing Jake is captured by Hacker, and Amber tries to persuade him to join them. Jake escapes confinement, and with the other Centurions, retrieves the silver.



  • "The area's secure. Nothing unusual out there... Correction - one crazy flyboy at 2 o'clock." - Jake Rockwell, referring to his partner Ace McCloud.


  • Ace uses Skyknight and Skybolt Assault Weapons System. Skyknight is capable of propelling itself through the water and into the air.
  • Jake uses the Fireforce and Wild Weasel Assault Weapons System. During the science lesson at the end Jake uses Hornet.
  • Max uses the Cruiser, Depth Charger and Tidal Blast Assault Weapons System. Depth Charger's pontoon feet and thrusters can be used to propel it across the snow. Tidal Blast can also glide over snow.
  • Doc Terror's forces include Doom Drone Traumatizers, Doom Drone Strafers, snowmobilers with lasers, a cyborg truck driver and a robotic sea serpent.
  • Terror has a green airship with arms.
  • Doom Drone Traumitizers have lasers with a stun setting and optional snow skis. Doom Drone Strafers have tiny hands they can use to hold a man and fly away.
  • Hacker utilizes a flight suit to keep up with the Doom Drone Strafers as they capture Jack.
  • Amber utilizes counterfeit version of Jake's exosuit and Fireforce system with an added shaded lens over the eye slot so no one can see her. The fake system doesn't seem to actually do anything except make her look like Jake.
  • Shadow can ride on Wild Weasel.
  • The science lesson at the end of the episode is Jake telling the viewers about snow.


  • When Crystal beams the Fireforce to Jake in the beginning of the episode it shows stock footage of Wild Weasel being sent.



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