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Jack Rockwell
Centurions character
Jack Rockwell toy box
First appearance

The Centurions, episode 1, "The Sky Is On Fire", April 7th, 1986
Created by

Voiced by

Vince Edwards
Species Human



Land Operations Expert

Jack Rockwell is a fictional character from the Centurions series in 1986. He is a heroic Centurion and was voiced by Vince Edwards.


Rugged Land Operations Specialist: Donning a yellow power suit, he has a short fuse. His weapon systems have the most firepower and are best suited for land missions, except for a helicopter-themed system he uses in air combat, usually assisted by Ace.

The Wild Weasel Assault Weapons System can be carried by Ace in flight when needed. When deployed on the moon the Wild Weasel can be outfitted with an additional space helmet.


According to the toy designers Jake Rockwell was based on Harrison Ford.[1]

The Wild Weasel Assault Weapons System was developed under the name Armadillo.[2]

In the second year of the toy line new Assault Weapons Systems for Jake were designed. These included the Awesome Auger, Land Laser and Swingshot. Awesome Auger and Land Laser were not released before the toy line was canceled.


Animated series

The Centurions

Jake Rockwell was one of the main heroes of The Centurions animated series, and appeared in every episode.

In episode 15, "Cold Calculations", Jake used Fireforce and Wild Weasel weapon systems. He also gave a science lesson on snow.

In episode 46 Jake used a combination of Hornet and Detonator as a weapon system. He also used Swingshot.


DC Comics

In the story "Time Bomb" Doc Terror attempted to trick the Centurions by having them take a bomb, disguised as a recovered a cyborg Eskimo, to Sky Vault. Terror attempted to distract the Centurions by having them chase three fake missiles across the globe, but Max Ray saw through this trick at the last moment and beamed the Eskimo into deep space before he exploded. In this story Jake used Detonator and Hornet weapons systems.[3]


  • Kenner Centurions Jack Rockwell and Fireforce Assault Weapons System (1986)
Comes with Jake Rockwell and Fireforce.
Jake can combine with any Assault Weapons System, but usually limits his use to systems made for him. He once used Orbital Interceptor.
  • Kenner Centurions Detonator Assault Weapons System (1986)
When using this system Jake uses the helmet from Fireforce.
  • Kenner Centurions Hornet Assault Weapons System (1986)
  • Kenner Centurions Wild Weasel Assault Weapons System (1986)
  • Kenner Centurions Swingshot Assault Weapons System (1986)
Sea Bat and Swingshot were the only second wave of Centurions toys to be released.
When using this system Jake uses the helmet from Fireforce.
  • Kenner Centurions Awesome Auger Assault Weapons System (unreleased)
  • Kenner Centurions Land Laser Assault Weapons System (unreleased)



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