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The Boxbomber
Keith's Fantasy Club character
Keith's Fantasy Club Birdbomber and B-Box boxes
Created by

Keith's Fanatasy Club
Release number

CST-03 & CTS-04
Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Robotic ape and bird

The Boxbomber is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Squawkbox made by Keith's Fantasy Club in 2013.

Keith's Fantasy Club

The Boxbomber is a third-party Tranformer homage to the Generation 1 character Squawkbox.


The Boxbomber was designed by toy designer Cassy Sark.

The Boxbomber was placed up for preorder in March 2013, with an expected release in April 2013.

The Boxbomber was released in June 2013.

A biography for Boxbomber's combined mode was posted to Facebook page in August 2013.


The [email protected] podcast for March 29th, 2013 selected the Boxbomber as one of the New Picture Picks.[1]

The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for March 31st, 2013 discussed the Boxbomber as part of their Third Party Roundup. The hosts called Boxbomber a Masterpiece quality toy and hoped this meant Keith's Fantasy Club would do other microcassettes in the future.[2]

In the moonbase2 podcast for April 1st, 2013 the Boxbomber set was covered in the news. One host loved them, the other thought they were too simple. They both commented on the placement on the bird head in combined mode.[3]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for April 1st, 2013 discussed Boxbomber in the news. The host called it awesome.[4]

In the Cybercast podcast for April 6th, 2013 the hosts talked about Keith's Fantasy Club Boxbomber and Rhinohorn in the news.[5]

Fictional biography

Box Bomber is an upside-down character. His top half comprises of B-Box, a mini-mecha-gorilla who likes to curiously explore his surroundings, using his increased sense of touch to feel his way through his world. Birdbomber looks to the skies, where he feels most at home, and hates the fact that he is responsible for keeping Box Bomber grounded in their combined mode. This dual-distraction means Box Bomber lacks attention when combiner, and this can be easily used against him as a weakness, making him slightly less than the sum of his parts. Luckily the one thing that completely focuses their attention with crystal clarity is the sight of the hated RoBot badge. With the enemy in their sights, they rely on an age old tactic of confuse and destroy, surrounding their opponent with a 360 degree barrage of noise before attacking at their leisure.


B-Box and Birdbomber appear in the Doubledeck pack-in comic story They Pull Me Back In as Cassettrons living with Transistor.


  • Keith's Fantasy Club CST-03 B-Box & CTS-04 Birdbomber (2013)
An original third-party Transformer mold by Keith's Fantasy Club. B-Box turns from microcassette to robotic ape, while Birdbomber turns from microcassette to robotic bird. Each comes with two weapons and a collector card. B-Box and Birdbomber combine into the Boxbomber.
The Boxbomber was recolored into Black Hawk Down and SG Boxbomber.



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