Black Hawk Down (Keith's Fantasy Club)

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Black Hawk Down
Keith's Fantasy Club character
Keith's Fantasy Club Smack Down and Black Hawk boxes
First appearance

...You Won't Believe the Things I Can Do Now! by Keith's Fantasy Club, December 2014
Created by

Keith's Fantasy Club
Release number

CST-03B & CTS-04B
Aliases Blackhawk Down
Species Transformer


Black Redeco Clan
Alternate mode

Robotic ape and bird

The Black Hawk Down is a fictional character and third-party Transformer made by Keith's Fantasy Club in 2013.

Keith's Fantasy Club

Black Hawk Down is a Hands of Steel 2013 convention exclusive. His name is also some times spelled "Blackhawk Down"


Black Hawk Down was first revealed in May 2013 by being listed on Uncle Billy's Toy Castle.

Black Hawk Down was released in June 2013.


The Good Morning, Cybertron podcast for June 3rd, 2013 discussed SG Boxbomber and Black Hawk Down in the news.[1]

The moonbase2 podcast for June 5th, 2013 covered images of SG Boxbomber and Black Hawk Down in the news.[2]

Fictional biography

Smack Down - A robotic monkey of the night. He hides in the urban jungles waiting for his prey. He's a monkey on a mission, and if he can't complete his mission, he goes bananas. His favorite movie is King of Kong. One half of the terrifying entity known as Blackhawk Down.

Black Hawk - Hailing from the Black Redeco Clan, Black Hawk hides in the night sky waiting for the opportune time to strike. Transforms into some kind of bird. A parrot or maybe a hawk, who knows? Along with his monkey friend, he combines to form the awesome Blackhawk Down.


Black Hawk Down appears in the Transistor pack-in comic story ...You Won't Believe the Things I Can Do Now!. [3]


  • Keith's Fantasy Club CST-03B Smack Down & CTS-04B Black Hawk (2013)
A recolor of the Boxbomber. Smack Down turns from microcassette to robotic ape (called a monkey in the biography), while Black Hawk turns from microcassette to robotic bird. Each comes with two weapons and a collector card. Smack Down and Black Hawk combine into Black Hawk Down.
Limited to 500 pieces.



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